Heath Ritenour’s New Hiring Decisions for IOA Receive Praise

Insurance Office of America hired two new executives recently, as Heath Ritenour announced. Stephanie Brewer will join as the Telecommunications and Safety Compliance Director, and Jeffrey Moxey will be an employee benefit and retention specialist. Both of these hiring decisions have received positive comments from IOA CEO Heath Ritenour, current IOA team members, and the new hires.

Extensive Background and Enthusiasm

Stephanie Brewer brings nearly 15 years of telecommunications experience to IOA, and she’ll be working to oversee telecom compliance, safety, operational efficiency, and training. She’s previously worked with well-known companies in the industry and lesser-known telecom tower installers.

Brewer has also previously served on two nonprofit organizations and currently sits on a third. She’s been involved with the National Wireless Safety Alliance Task Force and the field’s Written Exam Management Committee. She continues to serve the Telecommunications Industry Registered Apprenticeship as its Chairperson.

Regional President Bruce Eades had only praise for Brewer: “With her extensive background and enthusiasm, for clients, she is a great fit.”

Years of Experience in the Space

Jeffrey Moxley is coming on board as an employee benefits specialist, vining more than 15 years of experience in the area. He’ll help clients design compensation packages that better align with employees’ expectations, and thereby increase retention rates. Tallahassee is to be the most targeted city in this region.

Speaking of Moxly’s addition, Heath Ritenour noted his experience. “Jeff’s years of experience in the space will add to our already knowledgeable employee benefits team.”

Moxley himself showed anticipation about working with IOA: “I’m excited to join the IOA team as we expand our presence in the North Florida and South Georgia regions.” He went on to assess the employee benefits team that he’ll lead, “Our team’s culture and knowledge of emerging markets have prepared us to lead our clients to the more sustainable benefits program.”

IOA Has Many High-Quality Team Members

In coming onboard with IOA, Stephanie Brewer and Jeffrey Moxley join more than 1,300 team members who are spread across company offices and 60 branches. These branches are somewhat concentrated in Florida and the Southeast, but there are plenty in other parts of the country. Together, they serve over 80,000 clients and generate hundreds of millions in annual revenue.

About Heath Ritenour

Heath Ritenour has worked with IOA for more than 30 years. He was an intern and salesperson, before taking over the CEO role from John Ritenour. Heath has previously spoken of how transferring from sales to executive leadership is a natural progression and one that provides a perspective for growth. Heath has successfully grown the company, increasing annual revenue from $78 million in 2009 to $238 million in 2020.

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Heath Ritenour is also a cancer survivor, having gone through chemotherapy successfully after an early diagnosis. He shares this story with employees, in order to encourage them to get screened when appropriate.

About Insurance Office of America

Insurance Office of America was founded by John and Valli Ritenour in 1988. The company provides comprehensive insurance services through its 60-plus branches that are now spread across the country. Before expanding nationwide, IOA was Insurance Office of Florida.