Here’s how you can remove the sunshade of a wonderfold wagon

Strollers can be a lifesaver for many parents, especially if you’re dealing with multiple toddlers who demand being taken everywhere. Strollers may have started as slings or carriages, but modern-day stroller manufacturers like the Wonderfold have released more advanced models for the same equipment. Now, with models like the wonderfold wagon w2 and wonderfold wagon w4 premium, you can travel along with two and four little ones, respectively. This is a game-changer for parents.

Furthermore, even a used wonderfold wagon is an excellent option for parents on a budget as they come with all the features a new one does. Wonderfold wagon w4 reviews are also super great, as most parents are happy with the features it comes with. One of those features is an adjustable sunshade or simply a canopy. The canopy can be fixed onto the wagon regardless of which model you have and be removed and stored with the wonderfold wagon too.

Features of the canopy

The canopy or sunshade of a Wonderfold wagon is a great feature of these wagons. Although all strollers come with a sunshade of some form, there are still features that make strollers like wonderfold wagon w1 stand out from the rest. Below are some features of the canopy

  • Adjustable: One of the features of the Wonderfold wagon sunshade is that it can be adjusted in any direction. Most of the time, kids sleep without a clue where they are facing, and to protect them from the sun’s rays, you can slide the shade towards the other side.
  • Removable: The canopy is also removable when not in use, and it can also be reinstalled later.
  • Fabric: The fabric used for the canopy is similar to the one we see used for a sunshade for a car window. That is why overall, it’s a great addition to strollers.

Removing a sunshade

A lot of parents, when dealing with a or any similar model, get lost in a plethora of features they offer. The easy remove option for canopies also varies a little bit according to the model. But the essential way is the same. So today, we will be learning how to remove and store a shade.

Opening the locks

If you have already installed it and now want to remove it, the first step is to lose the locks of the canopy. This can be done by simply opening the locks of the rods, on the sunshade. You can quickly locate the locks on the sides of a Wonderfold wagon w4. Unlatch those on all sides of the pole.

Pulling outwards

The next step involves pulling the loosened rods out from the four holes. The wagon has four poles installed on every corner; you can easily remove the poles out after losing the locks. Be careful not to do this with moving children as the poles can be slightly dangerous. Moreover, with the wonderfold wagon w2 and its new models, you can pull the sunshade out as much as you can. This can undoubtedly grow the wagon’s height.


The next step involves collapsing the sunshade. The pole will be in the form of two Us, and those you have to bring together the shade that slides on this pole. 


The next step is the most troublesome for parents as they don’t know how to store it. Once you have taken the entire thing off, you can either place it in your car for installation or put it where you are supposed to. The place is with the handlebar in the front of the Collapsible wagon. All you have to do is find the holes alongside the exterior of your buggy. After you have successfully taken the shade off, you can easily slide it in there. So if you see straps or holes all you have to do is slide it in.


Some models come with straps to cover the holes of the pole, that has to be taken care of too. Especially with little kids, you can never be too safe. This can be a hazard for little ones for their little fingers. Although with the new models, all you have to do is close the straps on top of them, and you will be good to go.

Benefits of a sunshade

Sunshades are a necessity in any stroller because they have the following functions and benefits:-

  • It can protect your little ones from the sun.
  • No ultraviolet rays can pass through, making it safer for your child.
  • The sunshade is made of good fabric, ensuring maximum blockage of harmful rays.


The wonderfold stroller wagon is a great choice Go for noosa stroller hire . It comes with a plethora of advantages like being able to carry multiple kids at once, but at the same time have upped their game in standard features too. However, every stroller has excellent features. Not only does it have an adjustable and removable sunshade, but it’s super easy to store with the wagon themselves too.