Here’s what To Do In Case Of Fire

When it comes to the kinds of hazards and disasters that may occur in your house or area, one of the deadliest, most dangerous, and damaging events has something to do with the one that does not cause numerous and serious damage to properties, but can also cause risks to the lives of the people, or worse, claim the said lives in the process. When dealing with a situation like this, you should always engage with professional fire restoration cleaning services.

In case fires break out in your home or building at any time, you must not fully rely on the actions of the authorities and emergency professionals, especially if they haven’t arrived in your location yet. As a resident or a person working in a building, you can contribute to the process of safety, prevention, and response against fires, no matter how intense the case is. In this article, you will learn what you should do in case of fire. Below are some steps that you can use to prevent any further damages and risks to the lives of people affected by such hazardous events.

Things to Do In Case Of Fire

Fires can happen at any time and any location, and you are not exempted from experiencing such, no matter how careful you are. In case the inevitable happens and the emergency responders haven’t arrived yet in your location, there are two things that you have to get extensive knowledge bout beforehand, as doing so will greatly help you in such situations – using the alarm that can warn people about fires, and the extinguisher that can be used effectively against fires of all types.

Using the Fire Alarm

One of the most important things that you need to know about and use in case the situation needs it is the alarm that can be used to warn people about the breakout of fires. In case an outbreak happens right in your area, you have to perform the following procedures listed below.

The first step to do in case of fires is to rescue all the people who are at risk or in the location with immediate danger, as long as you can do so. If you can access the location by yourself, have these people taken out of the hazard area immediately to save their lives from sure danger?

After that, you need to activate the nearest fire alarm pull station; so that you can activate the alarm system of the entire building that is affected. The alarm will then sound loudly and all over the building to notify all the people inside that they need to evacuate right away. In addition to that, the alarm that was activated will also bring a signal to the nearest police department, which will immediately call the needed emergency professionals to respond to your situation.

Upon doing so, you have to confine all the fires by closing all the doors to the location and securing all the potentially dangerous substances and equipment. But do not lock the doors, as the emergency responders may have a hard time removing them, preventing them from resolving the problem immediately.

And the last step you need to do in such a situation is to evacuate the affected building immediately through the nearest and most accessible exit if that would be possible. Remember, never use elevators in this case! But for those who are not able to evacuate the affected building on their own, they have to go to the nearest stairwell landing instead, before waiting for the needed assistance for evacuation to arrive.

Once you are able to evacuate safely, call the police department in your area to ensure that they have received the notice of the alarm that is activated. Also, you have to alert all authorities of those who need some rescue assistance. And lastly, do not ever think of entering the building again! This will pose certain dangers to your life, so just wait for the emergency responders to solve the problem and inform you that it is safe to return.

To make your actions faster and more systematic, you have to know and familiarize yourself with the following information: the location of the alarm pull stations in your area, the location of two nearest exits in the building, the location of the extinguishers, and the name, building number, and address of your location.

Using the Fire Extinguisher

If you are going to do the act of extinguishing, make sure that you don’t put yourself in danger. You have to know the ways on how to deal with the situation, as well as to be knowledgeable with sing extinguishers.

Using the extinguishing equipment goes like this: pull the pin first, then either remove the lock latch or push the puncture lever. After that, aim the nozzle right to the base from the safest distance, right before squeezing the handle to discharge the extinguishing agent. Upon release, sweep the extinguisher from side to side, until the extinguishing process is completed.