Top Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Agent When Selling a House

Homeowners selling their homes traditionally relied on real estate agents to help them through the process. However, people are not legally required to hire a professional to sell a home. Is it worth it to hire a real estate agent? Absolutely. Keep reading for the top reasons to hire one.

Sell For a Higher Price

Some people think that, by selling their home without an agent, they will save money that would typically go to the seller’s agent. They need to remember that there is still a buyer’s agent who receives a commission from the sale. Statistics show that houses typically sell for far more when sold through a real estate agent even when considering their commission.

Sell the Home Faster

Professional real estate agents are professionals for a reason. They have strategies that help properties sell and sell faster. An agent who is an expert in the area will know the current housing market, understand what motivates buyers, and have an accurate comparative market analysis of other houses nearby that have sold. Agents make sure to set the house at the right price, help homeowners get repairs and updates, and market the home effectively.

Coordinate All the Details

A real estate agent is like a project manager for a house sale. They manage many steps of the process, including setting an asking price for the home, advertising effectively, preparing the house for showings, showing the house to potential buyers, and handling offers. Once an offer has been accepted, the agent prepares contracts, reviews seller disclosures and loan paperwork, arranges a title search, schedules a home inspection, coordinates a walkthrough, and facilitates the closing.

Marketing Experts

Real estate agents are marketing experts. They know how to photograph a house so the property stands out online. They use up-to-date digital marketing techniques and online platforms to get a home recognized and visible.

Good agents also use their already existing network of buyers. Rather than spending thousands of dollars on extra marketing, a well-connected real estate agent has a pool of buyer prospects already looking for a home. This speeds up the process of selling a home and allows the seller to sell it for more money. Individuals who try to sell their homes without an agent are responsible for connecting with potential buyers as well as contacting their family and friends to generate interested in the house.

Negotiation Experts

An experienced agent will fight for the best interests of their client. Most buyers use a real estate agent because they are not required to pay the commission. Homeowners selling on their own will be negotiating with professional agents. There are many items to consider like conditions, contingencies, and closing costs. A professional real estate agent will know how to negotiate these items in the best interests of the seller.

Homeowners thinking about selling a home who are unsure whether they should use an agent should consider these advantages. They will be grateful in the long run.