Why Hiring Professionals for Link Detox and Backlink Removal on Your Website Can Be Important for your Business in Louisiana

Have you recently noticed your website’s ranking plummeting? If your site’s reputation has taken a hit, then maybe you shouldn’t take it lightly. Check for the possibility of “bad links” pointing to your website.

You already know how valuable link building is for your brand credibility. It’s necessary if you want to improve your ranking on search engines like Google. And of the different factors that Google uses for ranking a site, backlinks are one of the most important.

Now, it’s very evident that you want links directing users to your site to come from high-ranking websites. If they are from low-ranking sites, the bad “link juice” flows automatically into your site. Google starts seeing your site as low quality as well. That’s not what you can afford, especially since you can even be penalized for it!

This is when you need to seek professional link detox and backlink removal solutions.

Why your Louisiana business can benefit from professional link detox services:

Since you want healthy backlinks to your site, invest in a “marketing agency near me” in Louisiana. Look out for the “Unnatural links” warning in yellow; this indicates a penalty for which link detox must be performed.

Companies like Lead Marketing Strategies can oversee this tedious process. Once it is completed, you are free to move ahead on a clean slate.

Link detox may sound pretty easy but it’s far from it. So, instead of attempting it on your own, seek professional expertise to get it right. Simply building lots of links won’t make your site get a rank on the first page of Google. Link building involves many factors, most importantly, the quality of links. It’s the complete health of your site’s backlink profile and link juice flow that will determine your rankings.

When you try to get new links, you tend to become vulnerable to “bad links”, without realizing it. This can be more damaging to your site’s credibility than you thought.

This makes link detox imperative, and you need to find a quality and trusted marketing agency in Louisiana if your business is here.

Understanding what “bad links” are:

  • Bad links are considered by Google to be of inferior quality. For instance, domain authority tells Google how trustworthy a website is. So, a site with low domain authority is going to come across as spammy to Google. If your site gets a link from it, it indicates a “bad link juice” flow.
  • Google disapproves of sites that buy and sell links; these are considered to be manipulative and violate Google’s Webmaster guidelines. Buying links involves serious penalties.
  • Keyword-rich anchor texts are key link quality determinants. If you try and manipulate links using these, it raises a red flag for Google. This black hat tactic will be penalized.
  • Finally, links must be relevant. If you get a link from a website belonging to a domain but the domain you link to isn’t related to the web page, you may be in a spot. The idea behind link building is to help the user navigate through your site better. Irrelevant and out-of-context links are useless to users and are considered to be poor-quality backlinks.

Don’t expect the recovery from bad links to happen overnight. It’s advisable to entrust professionals with this delicate task. They will implement tried-and-tested methods to create new links and perform link detox when needed.