9 Reasons to Go For Honeymoon in Dubai

A honeymoon in Dubai is usually a popular option among newlyweds, and Dubai is renowned for its attractions and nightlife. People go to Dubai to enjoy world-class luxury and incredible accomplishments of engineering, which are visible everywhere. Moreover, for this reason, Dubai for honeymoon is currently a popular destination. Honeymooners across the globe enjoy themselves in the luxury hotels in Dubai and other romantic attractions as well as adventurous things to do. 

Dubai boasts several cultural attractions and activities. For instance, you can tour around the  Bastakia area and find historical Dubai. Then, ride along Dubai Creek in a traditional dhow, and you’ll realize the past of this metropolis.

Couples planning their honeymoon in Dubai can find numerous fascinating sites and stunning activities to partake in. Furthermore, couples can take advantage of the excellent dining options, adventure activities, and endless romantic things to do in Dubai. 

At night, the country’s skyline is shimmering and a view to behold. Further, Dubai’s skyline is continuously being updated with new buildings that offer the infrastructure and services that a contemporary civilization needs, as well as luxurious hotels, spectacular shopping complexes, and breathtaking beaches. So, a honeymoon in Dubai will be one of the most beautiful experiences. Further, you can select one of the Dubai honeymoon packages from Roaming Routes that fits your itinerary and budget. 

Now, let’s check if Dubai for honeymoon is the ideal place for you.

9 Compelling Reasons To Go For Honeymoon In Dubai

1. Travel Destination

Getting married is an exciting experience. Explore unexplored lands and engage in adventure throughout every nook and corner in Dubai. Whether you’re driving a 4×4 across dunes, camping underneath the stars, or leaping out of an airplane for a spectacular skydive – everything will add a spice of thrill. Apart from romantic things to do in Dubai, there are several activities for thrill-seeking couples that will get their blood pounding and embark on a lifetime of adventures together.

2. Unique Culture

A honeymoon in Dubai allows the couple to learn more about the culture. So Bastakia Quarter is a good starting point for removing the levels of industrialization and opulence to see the city’s past. The charming lanes allude to the bustling commerce of the nineteenth century. You may feel the city’s growth from its beginnings as a port to its present-day modernism just by strolling about and taking in the sights. Furthermore, don’t forget to visit the Dubai Souks and engage in a great shopping experience, including spices, dry fruits, Gold, and even electronics!

3. Delectable Gastronomy

To understand a city’s culture, it is necessary to experience its cuisine. As with the fascinating activities and awe-inspiring architecture, savoring Dubai’s culinary delicacies is a journey in and of itself. As with every big city, the cuisine reflects the variety of its inhabitants, from lavish Friday breakfasts to inexpensive street food. Further, you may discover meals to satisfy every palette. So when considering a honeymoon at Dubai, make a list of the places where you can enjoy Dubai’s cuisine.

4. Unrivaled Elegance

Three words define Dubai – ambitious, lavish, and glamorous. For instance, Dubai houses the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa, the largest indoor snow-themed park, and also the renowned seven-star Burj Al Arab hotel. So these are the best places for couples in Dubai to visit and explore. Apart from this, visit Dubai Miracle Garden, water parks, and other prominent places.

5. The Desert of Dubai

The desert deserves a place on this list. Your honeymoon in Dubai is incomplete without a trip to the film-worthy desert. You may live up to your Arabian Nights fantasies with a desert safari that includes camel rides, a three-course dinner on the dunes with belly dancers, and a magnificent sunset. Furthermore, indulge yourself in adventurous activities like dune bashing, camel safari, and Quad biking to add a thrill when in Dubai for a honeymoon.

6. Shopping Paradise

To fully appreciate the numerous facets of this metropolis, you must also partake in the local pastime: shopping. With the world’s biggest mall in Dubai, you can indulge in retail therapy with a broad range of global brands for all your clothing, technology, and merchandise requirements. So a honeymoon in Dubai will also be an excellent place for shoppers!

7. Purchase Gold

When considering a honeymoon in Dubai, keep in mind to visit the famous Gold Souk market and purchase some beautiful gold jewellery. This luxury may be seen as your investment as a couple. Furthermore, the Deira’s gold market in Dubai is renowned for its inexpensive and genuine gold jewellery. The beautiful designs, gold quality, and amazing rates will compel you to buy Gold.

8. Burj Khalifa

The vista from the viewing platform of the world’s highest skyscraper may either give you a sense of being on the world’s top or cause you to feel quite queasy. In any case, beginning your journey with your beloved one by your side when you admire the awe-inspiring view in front of you is a genuinely unique experience. So a honeymoon in Dubai and visiting Burj Khalifa is a great experience. 

9. Awe-inspiring architecture

In the end, Dubai’s legacy and ultra-modern construction depict the convergence of history, present, and future. As symbols of riches and accomplishment despite all obstacles, its world-class structure commands your attention.

What Is The Best Time For Honeymoon In Dubai?

The greatest season to visit this city is between November to February, when temperatures are comfortable, and there are a variety of activities and events. Further, the average temperature in November is approximately 25°C, with peaks of 30°C and moderate lows of 19°C. So this makes November a fantastic option for people seeking to absorb some sun, so long as they have sunblock on hand. By February, temperatures fall even more and are absolutely nice, averaging 24°C in the daytime and 15°C at night. So, you can enjoy your honeymoon at this time. 

Final Say

So this is why you must consider a honeymoon in Dubai. Remember, if you are planning to visit Dubai during the peak season, you must make advance bookings or book your honeymoon package with Roaming Routes.