Hotel PTAC Units

As an owner of hotels, you have to consider everything when it comes to buying quality and reliable products. I will go you the breakdown on why you should choose Amana PTACs when it comes to energy savings. Not only will this product save you money on the front end, but it will save you in maintenance repairs and lower your electricity bill as well. Let’s talk about how Amana PTACs became the #1 solution for hospitality PTAC solutions and why you should buy them for your property. In this blog, I will discuss how Amana PTACs have changed the air conditioner solution for hotels not only in price but in the basic features that come standard with all of their products. Let’s get into the details!

  2. Providing the customer with reliable and high-quality products that not only last longer than the competition but also meet their needs.
  3.  Amana brand PTACs are designed to simplify your business with plain-and-simple product durability and advanced energy management features.
  4. Rigorous quality control process to ensure the product will work at every step.
  5. To minimize the operating sounds, they have acoustically engineered the system with enhancements that include an indoor tangential fan for quiet and even air distribution and a two-speed indoor motor for enhanced guest comfort.
  6. Reduction of on-board controls for modern and streamlined appearance and operation.
  7. Integrated Bluetooth® & RF connectivity and the new Amana brand mobile app.

Check out these Hotel PTAC Units today! Start saving money on maintenance and energy cost to help lower the overhead cost for your property.