How alluring is the Chinese market for other nations?

Most cross-border property investments are done from China. Having considered the buying power of the United States, they are someone to be numbered with. They offer amazing opportunities for real estate sellers across the world, especially Canada. However, sellers definitely have to face some challenges such as language barriers, lack of effective ways to reach out to them and low engagement rate.

Why is China such a formidable market for real estate?

China houses some of the richest people on the earth, whose personal wealth can shorten treasuries of the small countries and their potential net-worth is constantly growing making them set their eyes on global properties and real estate investment. As per the IMR forecasts, China will be the largest growth engine in the coming time and Chinese buyers will lead the group in international property acquisition.

In the last few years, Chinese buyers have made their presence felt in the international real estate market, checking out all lavish trophy houses, vineyards and luxurious condominiums and investment opportunities. 

After US, Chinese buyers have the highest buying power giving amazing opportunity to property sellers across the globe. Yes, new opportunities create new challenges in reaching, interacting and engaging this alluring new market.

Chinese real estate investors are in search of location that offer an appealing lifestyle, great educational offers and immigrant investment and Canada is the most welcoming locations of the world. The place offers ideal conditions, best living opportunities; amazing investment benefits to Chinese people making them take interest here. You may find a lot of Chinese property investors in China attended by Chinese real estate agents and the number seems to keep growing.

In comparison to domestic purchase, overseas purchase is a prolonged procedure. A lot of factors make an overseas purchase take more time for Chinese buyers. This comprise of language hindrance, stricter guidelines from the Chinese government making money transfer, taxes difficult and lack and restricted information from YouTube, Google, Facebook and Instagram. Thus, a lot of real estate agents don’t have a comprehensive understanding of their buying habits. This is why you need professional Chinese real estate agents who can take care of all the situations and reach out to Chinese investors and know about their needs.

What attracts Chinese investors to Canada?

Lifestyle: A major motivation for Chinese to head to Canada is a higher quality lifestyle than they presently enjoy in China. This offers a great opportunity to realtors to sell properties with features such as pool, garden, storage, indoor gym, which would be extremely expensive in China than in Canada. Moreover, aspects like clean air, beautiful scenic views, landscape and nature can work as additional points to win a Chinese investor.

ROI: Chinese looking forward for investment want a property that offers them great ROI. Hence, agents should be aware of the rental yield on a particular house or property and offer a good outlook on it.

Hire a reliable Chinese real estate agent to deal with Chinese property investors to crack some beneficial deals for you.