How can you successfully run your site with a Plesk License?

You do essential things for your strong online presence when you have a website. First, you hire experts to help you manage and run your site. Then, if you want to be accessible all over the web, you need web hosting. Through web hosting, every website gets a chance to access the web server where the website lives. Similarly, the plesk panel provides you designed, user-friendly and reliable way to successfully run your site at a very cheap plesk license. You get all the necessary features for managing your sites, emails, domains, web files and apps through the license. So in this blog, you get to know the amazing facts about the plesk license and its packages. 

When you get the services from Navicosoft, they ease your workload to help you focus on growing your services and revenues. They deliver plesk for windows and manage all the features to make them live. In addition, they provide powerful security features with Plesk license for Linux and Windows that help you successfully run your site and apps.

Why do we need a license? 

It would help if you had security to protect your site from hackers or attackers when you own a website online. So you need a license to make your site secure and fully functional. So you feel safe and without any worry, you can successfully run your site or apps. For instance, driving a car without a driving license is perilous because it may put you in danger, and you pay a lot because you are against the law. So that person with the license and driving their cars with complete ease and without any issues. They have authority and legal proof to drive their car without any problem. Similarly, every site or software needs a license to prove itself legal and certified.

How do you get a plesk license?

You need to get a license when you get the plesk panel and want to add more features. You can get the license right after installation and use the trial license key to check the functionality. If you wish for a paid license, you will go to the plesk online store or that service provider from where you get your plesk panel. They give you the best and most immediate services to get your license done when you benefit from any company. They make sure to provide you with instant services so that you may get started quickly. 

Buy a cheap plesk license to successfully run your site and get excellent services:

Plesk panel provide you with outstanding and additional useful features for your site. You can add and organize your files within the control panel. You can create new accounts, manage any databases, do regular backups and monitor every part of your site using more space. For a smooth and reliable way to successfully run your site and make these features possible to your site, you need a plesk license. With the cheap plesk license, you can boost your site’s credibility and get valuable features for creating and managing accounts. From where you get the plesk panel, you can activate your license from there as well. You will receive an official product license key generated by the plesk licensing server and give the end-to-end web solution that helps you run your site efficiently. Some services include:

  • You can upload and manage web files.
  • Create user accounts effectively.
  • Add new domains and subdomains as well
  • Manage DNS and other essential resources
  • Backup and restore files
  • Get cheap plesk license services
  • Guarantee result and original license
  • Safe & secure
  • Great performance with 100% compatibility and stability

Switch your license to any of your desired company:

If you are unsatisfied with your current services, here is the best option that plesk gives you. You can switch your license to your chosen company and get their best services. You will not face any difficulty in changing the license. First, you have to follow some simple steps to switch your license.

First, you’ll need to identify your existing license type and let your current provider know about termination.

After that, you will need to choose the proper license from your desired company store. 

Then you place your order, add some basic information and make payment. After that, you will get the license in a while.

Now, you can activate the new license key at your plesk for Windows installation then you are good to go with your license. Similarly, many companies provide different plesk license packages, so select the one that best suits your needs.

Reasons why you should have a plesk license:

Reliable solution:

People who own a website think about website security. There are a lot of activities you do to protect your site. Plesk is the best option and has a strong reputation for providing protection. In addition, it is a reliable way to run your site more securely.

User-friendly and built-in:

Plesk’s interface is well-organized, user-friendly and clean. You can easily find the features you need precisely because of its simple and easy-to-manage interface.

Manage easily:

It is managed easily because of its user-friendly interface, and when you get the license, you get many features that effectively manage your site.

Great security & performance:

With the help of a license, it comes with excellent security and performance. In addition, you have a legal and certified right to run your site efficiently.


Plesk is a strong control panel with rich features. With the help of a license, you can manage your VPS and dedicated servers effectively with Plesk. Navicosoft provides you with 24/7 certified server management that includes flexible and reliable features for your site. In addition, they give you excellent services that help you to successfully run your site.