How Choose Dress for prom this year

Farewell to childhood happens only once, so the girls prepare especially carefully for the last holiday within the walls of their native school.  How choose dress for prom to impress everyone? The evening dress should be such that the young graduate feels confident, and yesterday’s classmates looked only at her.

If you have not yet decided where to buy a prom dress, pay attention to the designer models in the online store Glem. More than a hundred options are presented here, among which you will surely find one that will appeal to a young fashionista. Delicate, romantic, sophisticated, sensual and elegant – choose any, and on a gala evening you will not go unnoticed.

Tips for How Choose Dress for prom

A fashionable dress is the main element of the image. Having thought it through in advance, it is easier to come up with ideas for shoes, accessories, make up and hairstyle. To create a beautiful, eye-catching look, it is not necessary to wear a flashy outfit – it is important to combine the elements harmoniously:

  • For a minimalist prom cocktail dress , complement it with the right accessories. Large earrings, voluminous bracelets or a fancy clutch will do – they will draw attention to themselves.
  • Choose modest jewelry for outfits in bright colors. This will allow you not to overload the look with details and look harmonious.
  • Satin prom dresses often have an open back. For such an outfit, make a high hairstyle – this technique will help to emphasize the graceful lines of the figure and will not distract the attention of the audience from the main accent of the image.

Try to keep your prom dress and makeup in the same color scheme – warm or cold. This technique will make the image harmonious.

Prom Dresses 2021: Trends Of The Season

Fashions, styles and trends of evening fashion are innumerable. Some dresses emphasize a graceful silhouette, others focus on the chest, and still others put the tenderness and romance of their wearer at the forefront. Glem designers have provided different options. therefore, in our catalog you will find only the most stylish and original models.

  1. Minimalism. A laconic cut has long become an immortal classic, always appropriate for an evening event. It is easy to be convinced of this by looking at photos of famous representatives of the fair sex who annually parade along the red carpet at various festivals.

  2. Cinderella’s outfit. Lush dresses to the floor are quite self-sufficient. Complementing such a neat clutch and discreet earrings and bracelets, any girl will feel like a princess from a fairy tale. Shining satin, airy organza and tulle work well for a 9th grade prom dress .
  3. Romantic image. He will be supported by a dress decorated with airy, almost weightless flounces, delicate floral applique, tulle inserts and draperies. A midi dress looks best in this style, in which the graduate will not only look sophisticated.


How choose dress for prom to look attractive and create a unique look? There are many outfits, thanks to which it will be possible to emphasize the charms of the figure, to preserve the official and at the same time seductive style, which is very useful at the prom.

The main thing is that the girl feels comfortable and unique. Therefore, you can get away from the classic prom dress and buy a spectacular trouser suit.

Women’s suits have the following advantages:

  1. Allows you to create a unique creative image. Most of the graduates prefer floor-length evening dresses with puffy skirts, and only a few choose an original outfit, attracting the gaze of the opposite sex.
  2. Possess versatility. Suitable for both graduation parties and attending social events, birthdays, family gatherings and other events.
  3. Practical to wear. It is convenient to actively move and dance in a suit. It is important to choose the right model and size to feel comfortable.

Dress is permissible to choose pants sets and a jacket with a skirt. A more restrained look is created with a pencil skirt in soothing shades, combined with a light blouse.


If you don’t know what to wear for the 2021 prom to be different from the rest, choose stylish trousers with a jacket. You should also pay attention to evening blouses with unobtrusive decor and translucent inserts. Outfits from:

  • Silks;
  • Atlas;
  • Cupro;
  • Chiffon.

Additions from guipure, mesh inserts will help to make an aristocratic look festive.  Decor should be in moderation.

Based on the type of figure, it is important to choose the right style of the suit. Cropped trousers contribute to the visual addition of height. Shoes with high thin heels reinforce the effect. You can wear black or beige leather or suede pumps. The flared and straight cut looks beautiful on tall ladies. Fitted jackets are more suitable for slim, medium and short girls. Tall ladies are advised to wear jackets just above the knees, straight without buttons. In the color scheme, deep, saturated tones are most in demand.

Jumpsuit for prom


Evening jumpsuits for prom look solemn. Give preference to models with wide or narrow long trousers with an arrow and wide straps. Choosing an option with an open neckline and shoulders, complement the look with a jacket. To look more smart, you should choose a jumpsuit for prom with:

  • Flounces on the shoulders;
  • Strap at the waist;
  • Lace decor;
  • Laces or frills.

Versatile loose jumpsuit can be worn by girls of different body sizes to create a sophisticated look. Models with a narrowed waist, a deep neckline in classic shades look spectacular. We must not forget that dark colors make you slimmer, while light ones, on the contrary, add volume. Combine several colors to smooth imbalances. High-waisted styles are suitable for low ladies and model the length of the legs. Lacy overalls should be chosen by romantic natures with elegant accessories.

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Every year, fashion trends change, but we follow them and produce, sell clothes taking into account the latest fashion trends. Therefore, each graduate will choose a unique outfit to shine in unforgettable moments of life!