How Create a Video From PowerPoint?

If you want to share your presentation, you may be wondering how to create a video from PowerPoint. This article explains the process in easy steps. First, you must download the software for your PowerPoint presentation. Once you have the necessary software installed, open the PowerPoint file. Choose the option “Publish to Microsoft Stream.” Click on “Publish Slide Show” from the File menu. In the next window, enter a title and description for the video. After that, click “Publish” to save the video. After the upload, a message will appear in the PowerPoint slide that allows you to switch to the playback of the video.

Social Media

Once the conversion is complete, you can upload the video to Facebook, YouTube, or your website. You can also share the video with others using email. The main disadvantage of converting a PowerPoint presentation to a movie is that it will lose any narration and animation. To compensate, you can add an audio soundtrack to the movie with a separate file. Creating a short video can be a great way to make a powerful presentation that can easily share with others.

Conversion Process

You can use the PowerPoint software to create a video from a slideshow. The conversion process can take a few minutes, depending on the quality of the video. If you want to share your video with others, you must leave it on overnight. You can leave the program running while you work on the other part of your project. There are several ways to create a movie from PowerPoint. If you can create a movie, you can upload it to YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Media Animations

The first step in creating a video from PowerPoint is to create a presentation. Fortunately, PowerPoint comes with an option that converts your slideshow into a video. This conversion preserves all of the original media, animations, and transitions. You can even record narrations and ink strokes – the audience will hear everything exactly as you intended. If you need to share your presentation, you should start the conversion process overnight.


Once you have made the slideshow, you can then export it as a video. You can choose between HD and PC versions of PowerPoint. You should choose the format and quality of the video based on the size of your presentation. If the video quality is good enough, you can upload it to YouTube or Facebook. You can also share it by email. Once your video is ready, you can upload it to YouTube or put it on your website.

Choose Quality

Once you have created the presentation, you can convert it to a video. Select the quality you want. For a smooth video, you should select a high-quality setting. The resolution should be at least 30 MB. The resolution must be pixel-perfect, otherwise, your video won’t look like a movie. It is best to keep it in a folder where your audience can access it.


The next step in the process of creating a video from PowerPoint is to save your presentation. To do this, go to File, and click on “Export as video.” In the new window, choose a location for your video and choose the quality you want to export. Once you have saved the file, you can now export it to YouTube or any other compatible format. If you are using the video for presentations on the web, you should account for the longest slide and the shortest.

Audio Narration

Once you have finished importing the content into your YouTube channel, you can start creating your video. Once the process is completed, you can upload the video to YouTube or Facebook. After the conversion, you can share the finished video with your audience. If you want to add audio narration, you can do it in the next step. You can also contact SlideShare to host the videos you create. Once you’ve uploaded the file, you can begin to share it with your audience.


You can also choose to record narration with your PowerPoint video. If you don’t have a recorded narration, you can skip this step. The final step is to choose the location where you want to save your video. You can then share it on YouTube or on Facebook. If you don’t have a computer, you can leave the program running overnight. It’ll take a few minutes. If you want to share your video with your audience, it’s important to know how to convert PowerPoint to a professional-quality video from PowerPoint.