How Credible is iTop VPN

iTop VPN

One of the top factors to look at when getting a utility for your PC is its credibility. Here, we look at its functionality and how it delivers results.

In this article, the question of credibility falls on iTop VPN. It is an excellent utility that gives you browsing freedom with no restrictions. Is iTop a legitimate VPN service? To answer this question, we will look at the elements this VPN for Windows has.


The first area you should check when weighing the legitimacy of a computer utility is security. ITop VPN is very secure and does not present any risks to your device. On the contrary, it prevents outside attacks, besides allowing unrestricted access to sites.

The VPN service’s privacy policy assures you of the security of your info. ITop will not share your information with any unauthorized third parties.

Safety extends to your chosen payment methods. It supports several payment channels, which you use to pay for the premium packages. The site does not leak your payment channel’s info; hence, your funds are in safe hands.

There is also the ad-block, which prevents third-party apps from bugging your browsing session. The kill switch prevents data leakage when the VPN accidentally goes off.

Product Delivery

When you look at iTop’s functionality, you will agree that it is the best free VPN for windows. You can use its services free of charge, where you have access to excellent features. Additionally, you can use it on other devices, like smartphones.

It is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems, an edge of its versatility. Still, on delivery, this VPN service offers fast browsing speeds, as indicated on its site. It will boost the speed by up to 10 times.

Another fantastic feature of iTop is accessibility in over 100 countries. This is one reason why it covers you for geo-restricted sites.

Customer Support

The customer support team comes to your aid if you have any issues while using the VPN service. You can reach the support team via Facebook, email, or by submitting a ticket. The response is prompt, and the professional team will offer you the best solution to your problem.

The support is available 24/7, meaning you will get help when need be.

The affiliate program

This free VPN service provider has an affiliate program, which you can benefit from if you have a website or blog. It is a referral scheme where any successful referral assures you of a commission. The program works, and you will receive your funds once you meet all requirements.

Premium Package

Finally, we set our sights on iTop VPN’s premium packages. An amazing thing about the plans is that they offer you additional perks, like unlimited bandwidth and an ad and tracker blocker. The main giveaway is the one-year plan, which you get at an 80% discount.

Whatever iTop VPN says it has, it delivers without any hassle.

Final Word

ITop VPN is an excellent utility to have. In this piece, we look at its credibility, and as we can see, it ticks all necessary boxes. Have iTop’s product as one of your PC’s reliable utilities.

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