How Health Card Become a Big Savier in Your Life

A medical emergency can turn up at any time unannounced. One should be prepared for any evaluability. You might or might not have health insurance. In such cases, a health card comes handy. A health card has many benefits and hence has come to become a big savior in our lives today. Read down below to know more about it. There are many service providers of health cards in India. Bajaj Finserv is one of them. 

What is a Health Card?

In today’s digitalized world, we have been provided the benefits of health care from many service providers. A health card is available in the form of a digital card and it has all the relevant information required when you are undergoing treatment. It contains your personal information and health policy details that you have opted for. The holder of the card can hence have the option of cashless payments while paying for the pathological, pharmacy or medical expenses. 

Application for a Health Card

There are many companies that provide health cards in India. It is very simple to apply for one too. Visit the official website of the company where you plan to take a health card form. Go to the health card apply button in the main page and click on it. Fill in the required details in the form with uploading the required documents if asked for it. Select from the various offers what is best suited for you and pay the joining fees to get yourselves a health card. 

The next step is how to download health card? Simply click on the option that will be present to download your health card. Many service providers have mobile apps too with respect to this. So you can download  your health card in this way too. 

Health Card as A Saviour

Health cards are not a luxury product in today’s time but become a necessity. Many companies in our country provide this sort of cards. You can easily visit the website of such companies to read about health cards in detail. Health cards have several benefits and hence become a savior in our lives. A few of the reasons why the health care has become a big savior is mentioned below.

Options Available

Many companies provide health cards in our country. So, you can go through the details of the health card in these companies and shortlist the ones you wish to consider and finally opt for the health card from a company that best suits you and your needs.

Proof of Identity

The health card will bear the required personal information like your name and contact information. Hence, you don’t need other proof of identity when accessing the card in most cases

Health Insurance Details

Depending on the plan that you have chosen, the details of it will be digitally loaded in the card. You will not have to carry the physical papers like that of a health insurance when you want to claim your charges. Even from the point of view of the authorities, it becomes simpler as they just need the card to fetch the required details. 

Extent of Usage

You can use the card for the treatment of hundreds of health issues in thousands of centres that have tied up with the service provider in hundreds of cities across the country. No matter in which city or town you are , you can visit a partner hospital and get treated without thinking about cash in  your hand. 


The reason why health cards have become a big saviour to us is because of its convenience. It can be easily carried in your purse or wallet. All the information needed is available easily. There is no need to carry heavy hard copies of documents. 

Cashless Claims

You can have the possibility of cashless claims when you use the health card at the approved centres whether it is a pharmacy, diagnostic centre or hospital.


The validity of the card is clearly mentioned and you can use it up till then. You can apply for a new card when the health card is nearing expiry date.

You can choose the same plan or opt for other plans when you apply for a new health card when the present one is expiring. Having a health card is very beneficial and hence considered as a big savior in today’s age and time. No matter in which city you are, just having your health card with you will give you the ability to go for treatment without any hassles if you carry your card. All the service providers have ties up with thousands of centres across the country in hundreds of cities or towns. Any member of the family can use it, which is another reason why taking a health card is necessary in today’s time.

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