How Laptops Have Completely Changed Over the Past Few Years?

Laptops, much like smartphones have evolved dramatically in the past few years. As technology keeps advancing, we see changes in our personal devices and gadgets over time. They keep getting smaller and more powerful with time. Turning back the clock to the start of the century, a laptop with 256 MB of RAM used to weigh around 5 kgs.

Today, it sounds surprising that there can exist a laptop with such low processing power. Going further back to the era before laptops, computers were popularized by the Apple Macintosh. The bulky desktops used to be prevalent with a separate CPU (the main computer component), a monitor, keyboard and mouse.

However, over the last few years, laptops have been revamped as a standard. Now, it’s common to see metal body laptops featuring 8 GB RAM and almost no bezels around the screen. So, let us see how laptops have transformed over the past few years.

Build and Aesthetic

One of the most striking and visibly noticeable features of modern laptops is their build and aesthetics. Laptops have become significantly more compact, resulting in thin, lightweight devices that are still quite powerful. Few years ago, the MacBook Air was considered a revolutionary laptop. Now, Ultrabooks that are easy to carry laptops packing immense computing power are the norm.

One of the trends that have caught on recently is thin bezels, which leads to the screen appearing larger. This also gives the laptop a more modern visual appeal.

Another recent trend is the chiclet style keyboard, also known as the island style keyboard. This keyboard is the norm in modern-day laptops, with keys that protrude from the laptop’s body, by means of individual cut-outs for each key.

Metal body laptops, or fibre bodies that mimic the look of metal are also quite popular now. While premium ones come with a real metal surface, laptops under 50000 INR feature a smooth surface that looks and feels like metal.

Powerful Processing Power

A decade ago, laptops like the Apple MacBook Air 11-inch still ran on Intel® Core 2 Duo chips, and now we’re using at least 10th Gen Intel® Core processors. In 2021, powerful 8-core processors are common, churning out more performance for heavy tasks. And the leap can be felt in the way we use our computers now. Our laptops can seamlessly handle multi-tasking with a large number of apps running simultaneously, without lagging.

This also means that laptops are becoming better gaming laptops. Modern gaming laptops are highly efficient at handling large games at ultra-high definition.

Screen and Displays

There have been numerous innovations with the displays of laptops over the last few years. While full HD display has become common nowadays, 4K display gives out an eye-popping graphic quality. Moreover, IPS display OLED screens, coupled with a GPU (graphic card) deliver incredible image quality that was not imaginable 10 years ago.

Even the screens have also seen many changes. For instance, touchscreen laptops such as the HP Pavilion x360 have become commonplace in today’s era.

Another innovation is the concept of a secondary display; in Asus ZenBook Pro, you get a second screen housed above the keyboard. This enables you to use a different app on the smaller secondary screen.

A notable new feature is the Touch Bar on Apple MacBook Pro, which is a touch-based OLED bar used as a substitute for the function keys we normally find on laptops and PCs. It provides versatility to apps and software, while Touch ID gives security.

Just like most technologies, personal devices are also undergoing great reforms. More is yet to come in the next decade. So, if you’re planning to buy a laptop with these amazing new features, you don’t need to worry about the costs. Read more about BeautyPlus for PC

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