How Live Video Shopping is bringing elements of fun and authenticity to Online Sho

In order to attract new consumers, retain older ones and multiple revenues, brands are experimenting with Live Shopping, also known as Live Video Shopping.

Live commerce or live online shopping is a kind of real-time online buying that enables consumers to purchase while simultaneously viewing products in action. It has evolved into a viable method for brands to advertise, interact, and sell goods online. It has become a lot more engaging and offers more possibilities in the digital age.

Live Shopping works wonders to make the entire online shopping experience amazing, interesting, and worthwhile for customers. It is a new technological advancement in eCommerce that aims to achieve a significant increase in revenue and customer happiness.

Here are some benefits of Live commerce:

Improve Customer Engagement

Real-time communication improves customer engagement. Even Livestream shopping attracts new consumers. They may also watch the Livestream and ask a host to test products to see how it will appear to get a more realistic experience.

Give a Visual Experience

Visual experience provides an incredible advantage in such a pandemic situation, allowing you to provide your customers with a real store visit-like experience. Live streaming shopping can help you achieve this effortless experience.

Increases Online Sales

A captivating product video may convey much more than just product description. It really is a marvel in terms of providing what an internet consumer would anticipate from retailers or from online purchasing.

As a result, live streaming shopping is unquestionably increasing company profit and sales by fourfold.

Convenient and simple

A common misconception regarding Livestream shopping is that it is too complex and technological for the ordinary person to understand. Live streaming shopping, on the other hand, is straightforward. It is also easy and beneficial for merchants and consumers to achieve their purchasing objectives.

All you’ll need from now on are compatible video and audio devices, an internet connection, an encoder, and a dependable streaming platform.

How live-stream shopping may be both useful and entertaining

Similar to a physical shopping experience – In such a panic-inducing epidemic, Live Video Shopping was a godsend for consumers. Allow your customers to shop in real-time, just as they would in a physical store.

Clarity — Live Video Shopping offers the end-user extremely clear live video with speech and action, as well as a real-time experience.

Real-time watch– Provides visitors with instant access to your ongoing live shopping shows in order to persuade them to achieve your objective.

Buy during the Live Experience: Live Streaming shopping platforms have simplified the online selling process by allowing consumers to view their favourite goods and check out services without having to leave a live shopping show. To remain tuned in to a live shopping show, all you need is a steady internet connection.

Live Stream Shopping platforms like enable you to give a face to your brand, generate brand awareness and loyalty.

Most marketing activities are intended to entice customers to seek more information and, ultimately, to buy a product. This purpose is incorporated into the enjoyable aspects of shoppable video: if a live shopping show does not provide entertainment value, consumers will not consume it. The majority of consumers ignore pre-roll advertisements or switch channels during commercial breaks, implying that only a tiny proportion of the prospective audience is really watching the program. Retailers and brands may boost their viewership and create an even larger chance to convert individuals from watchers to customers by mixing the appropriate kinds of entertainment to attract your target shoppers.

And now, brands are experimenting with live commerce, also known as video commerce, on their platforms in order to attract new consumers. Live commerce is a kind of internet buying in which consumers may purchase while seeing a product in action. According to Redseer, the live shopping industry in India is projected to reach $4-5 billion by 2025. Live commerce provides a comfortable atmosphere and adds an aspect of discovery to online purchasing, as opposed to the transactional nature of traditional e-commerce transactions, while also adding an element of fun. offers one of the most popular live stream shopping platforms. Shoppers may interact with favourite brands and influencers in real-time, discover new goods via live shopping, and share their brand experiences. You can connect with us anytime at 

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