How much does a simple kitchen cost to build?

A kitchen is a place where the whole family gathers to cook and eat together. For this reason, it is important that you take your time to plan and design this room carefully.

There are many different things that come with having a kitchen that is custom built, but is it really worth the cost?

There are many different things to consider as well as many reasons why you may want to avoid having a custom kitchen.

This article will focus on why it is best to use custom kitchen cabinets and not custom built kitchen cabinets.

The key to having a functional kitchen comes down to the functionality of your cabinets.

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 Remodel Cost Estimator

When thinking about remodeling your kitchen, you want to make sure that you first consider what you want and need out of it.

For example, do you want a large cabinetry or are some mid-sized cabinets enough? You also need to consider what kind of appliances you’ll be using; all with the idea in mind that this is going to be your long-term home.

From there, set a budget for your kitchen remodeling project. Also keep in mind upgrades as well as depending on how long you plan to live here.

A standard industry rule of thumb is to spend around 10% on such projects and so if you own a $400,000 home, then feel comfortable spending about $40K for the kitchen upgrades in order for it not break the bank.

Wondering where one will be able to spend these funds? Read below for an exact breakdown so that you can better know how the various parts of your kitchen will look!

Cost to Redo a Kitchen

Upgrading a kitchen can be an extremely valuable process as it allows homeowners to give their home a fresh, clean look.

The major kitchen costs are mainly the high-end trim and accessories that really make any newly installed cabinets, appliances, and countertops look great.

However if you follow the trick of focusing on less expensive but still necessary items such as appliances and choosing a color scheme that takes care of accent pieces like backsplash tiles or even cabinet hardware.

 You can easily save while still getting this monolithically important house update completed.

Using methods like spray paint to give your cabinets an updated look is another method of saving with little effort.

Finally by planning out your time carefully on weekends or evenings when possible, you can save even more because sometimes last minute work has the highest costs due to rush fees.

New Appliance Cost

The average kitchen remodel can be a lot pricier than you might think! In fact, for an average kitchen remodel, you’re looking at costs of between $15-40,000.

It’s all about what appliances you’re choosing to replace, such as your range or ovens. Space issues may also come into account when selecting kitchen layout and fixtures.

 For example, do you have enough space to include an island? Certain functionalities will cost more than others, like whether your kitchen is appointed with high-end appliances or not – for instance at least 25% of high end kitchens are fitted with 6 burner cooktops.

You can cut back by opting for standard lighting fixtures rather than designer ceiling pendants that typically cost $300-$600!

Cost to Add Backsplash and Lighting

A fancy tile backsplash is one of the easiest ways to send a modern message without having to invest in a full remodel.

A dash of textured stone, or even better – polished marble tile combined with shining gold accents – makes for an excellent touch of elegance in any kitchen.

However, you’ll be spending more than necessary if you make a complete investment into this task.

Luckily, peel-and-stick tiles offer an inexpensive solution that gives your kitchen quite the boost! However, varied colors and patterns are also starting to emerge.

If you’re thinking of having a backsplash installed in your kitchen then brace yourself:

You are looking at spending between $900 and $2,500 plus the labor costs unless of course you go for peel-and-stick backsplash tiles which will cost you only between $11 per square feet for materials (not counting labor costs).

FAQs related to how much do a simple kitchen cost to build

How much should I budget for kitchen cabinets?

To replace your kitchen cabinets, you could be looking at anywhere between $3,200 and $8500, depending on their condition, their size and what style they are.

Basic stock and semi-custom styles average between $160 to $380 per linear foot whereas custom designs will often cost more, sometimes up to a thousand dollars a linear foot.

The average price for woodworking in the average home is $160-$380 per linear foot for stock or semi-custom styles, and up to $1,000 per linear foot if you have custom cabinets made.

Is it cheaper to build your own kitchen?

Building your own kitchen cabinets can be a fantastic way to save money, but it’s not an undertaking that everyone can take on.

First off, you should make sure you have plenty of time to spare as construction and assembly can take months depending on the style and type of cabinets you choose!

Secondly, in order for this to be a feasible and worthwhile venture for yourself it is essential that you purchase the tools needed because operating without them will only hurt your chances of achieving the desired results.

Just keep in mind that costs related to the tools will eat up any savings from doing it all yourself so don’t forget this part!

 Assembling your own cabinets also requires intermediate woodworking skills in order to create a professional looking finish or project.

What comes in a 10×10 kitchen?

Every home kitchen should have a range of options, which makes the Celine model as a no-brainer choice.

This model comes with 6 sizes of wall cabinets, and 4 sizes of base cabinets. Each cabinet can be placed around your kitchen in different configurations, allowing you to form an individualized layout that fits your own personality.

In this way, the diversity in appearance or size of the additional ten is evenly distributed throughout the kitchen for a well-rounded decorum.

Is it worth investing in a new kitchen?

If your home is in an area with a desirable vibe, you need to pay attention to what’s going on in the kitchen.

Even though it may be the smallest room in the house, having an updated and unique style for it can help up your value when selling or purchasing a new home.

 Price range will naturally vary depending on market value; however sticking within 8% of the property’s purchase value for upgrading this room is typically a good idea.


The cost of a kitchen remodel depends on the scale of the project and the features desired.

There are a number of factors that contribute to the total cost of your kitchen remodel, some of which you might not have even considered.

 For example, the type of materials and finishes that you choose for your kitchen will have a direct impact on the cost.

As you begin your kitchen remodel, there are a few items that you will need to budget for. In most cases, you will need to set aside money for a kitchen designer, the cabinets, and the appliances.

A kitchen designer will help you plan the layout of your kitchen, choose the right materials and finishes, and ensure that your kitchen is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The cabinets, on the other hand, will be one of the most important elements of your kitchen.

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