How Restaurant Reservation Apps Can Increase Your Profit

Guests have presupposition while booking tables in any restaurant. They expect impeccable experience before their reservation and with minimum possible interaction. Visitors also anticipate real-time waitlists, reviews, and recommendations from other diners. They must be well aware of which option they should choose.

Online restaurant reservation applications provide this to their clients to have booking whenever they want without calling management. New statement to be added after the above sentence: These reservation apps are integerated with ERP system of the restuarant and provide information to the users using the app. The enchanted atmosphere and menu representation is the reason for the people of attraction.

While using restaurant reservation applications one can make easily hassle-free booking and you will get immediate sitting adjustment notification. Visitors can assemble their own list and clear their preferences through reservation applications. Let’s dig into the qualities and drawbacks of restaurant reservation applications.

4 Restaurant Reservation Apps

1. Eat App

This application has strong table management and guest’s database that reduces the chance of mistakes and improves the revenue. It is cloud-based, simple, and easy to use, and cross-platform. This application makes your restaurant able to approach a global reservation network through Google, TripAdvisor, Instagram. Eat App helps you to create a direct connection with visitors on your favorite platform.

The well-organized system of this Reservation App helps the restaurant with powerful shift management for reducing errors. This application has a simple paid system and has a feature to add POS integration. The client has to pay $119 for the complete table management system and if they require POS integration with table management charges will be $209 monthly.

2. Resy

This application provides mobile booking for reservation and POS integration with table management features.  Resy makes you able to produce custom floor plans, dining room, and patio and bar seats. Visitors can confirm and cancel their plans with a single text and if you are running late can easily inform management. This application helps you to share guest’s notes and preferences. This application offers three prices package platforms, platform 360, and Full-stack.

3. Wisely

This application has table management, waitlist marketing, and reservation and pays bills itself. Wisely offers you smart seating and booking algorithms that help you make customize plans for holidays and a regular testing experience. Wisely have two main packages. It cost $200 per location monthly.

4. Tock

This online restaurant Reservation App has a strong table management system that sets one’s sight on at improving the revenue of restaurants by reducing a ticketing system that permits the restaurants to have reservation deposits and payments.

Pre-visit questionnaires make sure that you are aware of the preference of your guest before their arrival.  Notifications will allow the last minutes cancellation and sudden booking for the regular clients. Tock gives offline modes that help to keep in touch with you and the restaurant all the time.

It is the biggest wish of every restaurant to take their customer next level. Tock proposes tags, fully configurable notes, and automatic integration of Facebook/Instagram and LinkedIn profiles. This Reservation App has three types offers intro, plus, and pro.

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