How The Right Watch Can Improve Your Outfit

Watches and timepieces can be the perfect accessory to liven up an outfit or add a bit more “oomph” to your ensemble. Perhaps it is because of how your favorite time-telling, wrist-worn companion can truly be a stylistic marker of your likes and personality. Or maybe it is because the watch or timepiece you have is a unique horological marvel that no one else has. But, regardless of one’s reasons for purchasing a specific watch or timepiece, there’s no denying that it’s an excellent investment and an opportunity for you to showcase it fashion-wise! So, if you wish to improve your OOTD + watch game, then continue to read on for advice on how the right watch or timepiece can improve your outfit.

Sometimes, it depends on the dress code.

Of course, you’d want to show off your sense of style and favorite watch or timepiece. But sometimes, dress codes take precedence over personal style and flair. Although your watch style and fashion choices can be limited when it comes to formal wear, you can still play with a few strong style choices: a classic black or navy leather strap, yellow gold or rose gold case, or a bold monotone dial. One can always choose from an array of minimalist watches when it comes to formal events – whether it be a black-tie event, a charity ball, or a fine-dining business lunch. For example, if you’re wearing a suit jacket, it makes sense to pair that with an elegant, slim dress watch. Rough, worn-out leather straps work better with jeans and a shirt, okay? Such watch straps are not appropriate for fine-dining events. Watches or timepieces that have complications (additional functions such as chronographs, GMTs, and multiple sub-dials) work best with sporty dressing. For instance, a plain white shirt and casual trousers can neutralize a watch with a silver case filled with complications.


Matching your watches and outfits can be a tad overwhelming or difficult, so start simple. First, start with ensembles that require a certain required look or image, like smart casual attire, for instance. Smart casual dressing is usually dominated by breezy polo shirts and light blazers & jackets. Since it isn’t geared towards heavy dressing, you can allow your watch or timepiece to shine and maybe flaunt a few complications. Just remember that you still need to maintain a subtle silhouette and a formal manner, so don’t indulge in overly graphic or bold cases and dials.


Focus on your outfit’s overall color palette and feel before focusing on anything else.

If you want to wear leather shoes, it is advisable to match your belt and the strap of your watch with it. Not just in terms of color, but tone, texture, and finish as well. Improve your fashion arsenal as you gain more experience while progressing your looks. Take it one style step at a time! Also, changing up your watch hands’ colors can have a telling effect on how your entire outfits come together and give your form uniformity and symmetry. For example, a Seiko 5 Sports can be thought of as a rugged watch that can suit similarly utilitarian outfits, which is why you can pair it with a light tweed jacket, an understated olive-green sweater, corduroy trousers, and sturdy Diemme boots. 

With its automatic winding, day & date single window display, water resistance, recessed crown, and durable case and bracelet – it is a watch truly made for the adventurous. You can also pair it with a tailored suit, a cashmere polo shirt, and a few carefully chosen accessories for a more modern interpretation of business attire. And remember, once you have the basics down pat, don’t be afraid to experiment with your looks!

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Luther Abrams is quite a jack of all trades type of guy. He loves exploring new things and cultivating his knowledge every now and then. Today, he grows more and more interested in jewelry and watches and even writes about such things in his free time.