How time management can lead students towards their success

Managing time is one of the essential skills that students need to learn from an early age to succeed in their life. Let deliver deeper into the concept of time management to understand why you need to manage time and how it can be done.

What is time management?

Time management is the process of effectively planning and organizing work and other activities so that they can be completed within a stipulated time frame. It is considered as one of the essential mantras to achieve success.

 Proper time management is considered as the important factor behind the success of people. If we consider successful businessmen, scientists and popular personalities, effective time management skill is one of the common things shared by them. Hence, learning the art of managing time from early childhood is significant to help a person achieve a successful and balanced life.

Is managing time necessary?

Efficient utilisation of time helps students both in the short and long run. It helps the students to avoid distractions caused by external factors such as social media. It also helps them to complete their assignments and other projects on time.  Furthermore, students have more free time which they can use for playing and pursuing other fun activities.

In the long run, when the students grow up, it plays a significant role in obtaining employment opportunities. This skill helps people to finish their work on time without impacting the quality of the work.

People are able to prioritize their work and deliver results faster. It helps people to differentiate between the task and identify those which are meaningless vs those which require urgent attention. Hence, in this fast paced world, time management is one of the highly essential skills which is sought after by major recruiting agencies worldwide. 

Steps to improve time management

There are some basic steps that can be followed by students to manage time efficiently. Let us try to understand the steps through which they can learn how to manage time.

First step involves establishing a timeline which records all the assignments and important activities during the upcoming time period. In that timeline, we can mention the deadlines within which these projects need to be completed. 

In the next step, students need to identify and calculate the amount of time which is required to complete a particular task or project. Next, we need to set out a specific time frame within which the assignment needs to be completed.

Then it is important to identify various sources that can be helpful in completing the assignment before the deadline. This includes offline sources such as books and online tools like Google search to gather information. Furthermore, they can also take help from online homework help services that can provide insights on how to approach and complete the assignment. 

Next students can divide larger projects on small bits and chunks so that proper attention is given to each segment. In order to ensure maximum productivity, focusing on a single task is extremely important. Multi-tasking can lead to poor project quality and instead try to finish one assignment at a time.

It is important to take adequate breaks while working as it helps to keep the mind fresh. Breaks help to provide rest to the brain and allow it to recharge. Activities such as enjoying a cup of coffee or taking a small walk can boost the mind and body.

Lastly, we can encourage children to start the day by getting up early. An early bird has a sharp alertness and attention span throughout the day. It also helps them to stay productive for longer time period. Hence, students can work on complex assignments when their attention span is high and leave the less complicated ones for latter time period.

Can schools also manage time for each student to manage time?

Schools act as a stepping stone for children to learn new ideas and inculcate habits that can help them in the long run. Teaching students to manage time when they are in school will surely help them improve their ability to complete a task on time. Let’s look at some steps that can be used to help students learn time management in school.

 Fragment their class periods into small segments. In a 45 minutes class, reserve 5 minutes for chapter overview, 25 minutes for chapter explanation and remaining 15 minutes for revision and Q&A session.

Teachers can also introduce games where the students need to identify the amount of time required to complete a task. Through such games, they will learn to estimate the amount of time required for a certain project completion.

Schools can also provide time planners that can help students set agendas for the week. Monitoring the use of such a time planner also helps to encourage students in improving their time organization skill.

Lastly, encourage students to check off the completed assignments from the list.  Then, reset the schedule for the next project.

Identification of external sources to complete assignments

External sources are hugely helpful for students stuck in completing their work. As students are burdened with assignment work, smart planning helps them save time. Furthermore, group learning sessions are also helpful to brainstorm ideas that can be used for completing the project.

Use of online services that provide help with homework and assignments significantly reduces the time required to complete projects. One of the main points that should be considered which preparing any assignment is that the work should not be plagiarised. Schools and universities apply strict penalties and this can impact their grades.


Students are suffering from various mental and physiological disorders in recent years. The primary cause attributed to such a spike in mental problems is due to work-life imbalance. Students are burdened with assignments and don’t find time to spend with family and friends.  

As exams approach they suffer from anxiety and depression. Poor management of time cause students to feel overloaded with pressure. Ultimately, their grades suffer as they are unable to complete projects on time.

Hence, it is extremely important to inculcate the habit of efficiently managing time. There are several techniques such as the Pomodoro technique, which can be helpful to prioritise tasks and manage time effectively.  It helps students to get good grades by effectively utilising the resources and also promotes mental well-being in students.