How to archive emails?

If you want to clean your inbox but you want to care about your emails, then I will tell you that how you can get both these goals. As you know that Gmail is a friendly email service and can provide all those facilities which a client demands.

Gmail offers its users to use archive when your inbox is full of email even these are important or not. But it looks bad when your inbox is full from message and if you want to search an email from lot of emails. If you will keep clean your inbox and there are only some emails, then you can find any email without much effort. But before getting the advantages of this feature, you should learn about this feature.

You can use this feature for all emails even these are inbox, drafts as well as sent emails. However, when someone will reply to your sent email, then this will be appear again. But when you will mute a message then there will be no effect of replies.

The procedure of archiving emails setting

If you are using Android device then you can archive emails by following below steps.

  1. Open you Gmail account on Android device.
  2. Press on three horizontal lines for going to settings menu of Gmail.
  3. Press on settings and then Gmail default action.
  4. There will be the option of delete as well as archive. So when you will press on delete then your emails will be sent to trash folder. And after 30 days, these emails will be delete permanently. While if you will choose archive, then these emails will be sent to archive folder. And could be come back when you want.
  5. Before using this option, you should be confirming it. Because it is an important feature of Gmail. So it is important to confirm it again.

Archive an email, file or document

From above options, you will get the feature of archive. However, there are two ways through that you can archive a message. The first method is to choose the symbol of archive. So when you will select an email and press on the option of archive, you will be successful. There will be another easy method is to get this feature is that you can select a message and by swiping it left or right, you will get this option.

Find or move archive message

If you want to search an email, file as well as document that is archived then it is easy to find these mails. However, when you want to find a single archived email then you will find the list of all archived emails in your archive folder. Another name of archive folder is all mail labels and when you will open it, and then you will be able to find all emails those are archived.

Open all mail labels

If you have archived any message then you can find it by visiting on all mail labels. If you want to find this option, then open your Gmail account on your Android device and press on the three lines on top left side. When you will press on it then you will be get the option of all mail label.

How to move back archive messages to inbox?

Open Gmail account and press on a message that is archived and you want to get it back. Press on three dots of right side and then press on the option of move to inbox.

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