It doesn’t matter how much you love what you are doing. We all have days of low productivity and zero inspiration. Now imagine if you have two jobs to handle. Balancing them might look like a mission impossible sometimes. However, more people nowadays are trying to diversify sources of income and get a solid safety cushion. Therefore, side-hustles or part-time jobs are getting more popular. How to manage two jobs simultaneously? The following tips may be helpful if you decide to get a side-hustle.

Do different things

Working as a PR manager full-time and teaching salsa on weekends – what could be better? Having two very different activities is the best-case scenario because our brain switches more eager between occupations having little in common. For instance, if your main job implies a lot of mental effort, choose something requiring physical exercise as a side-hustle. Thus, you switch activities and refocus. It enables you to balance two jobs more effectively and for a longer time. 

Automate your work

When you have two jobs, time is your enemy. To reduce stress, automate tasks where possible. Numerous instruments spare your working time, so you could balance two jobs and not burn out in a week. For example, there is no need to waste hours sorting out emails, proofreading texts, and scheduling meetings manually. Learn the basics of Excel or similar programs and use all the calculation advantages this program offers. Thanks to different workflow-optimization tools, you can perform better and have more time for other things. 

Be strict with your schedule

If you decide to work in several places, schedule your activities wisely. Estimate how long it takes you to do the most complicated tasks, what factors distract you, and what makes you feel inspired. Set priorities and follow the routine you created. As the late Steve Jobs, the legendary chairman of Apple, said, it’s necessary to work not 12 hours a day but with your head. Look at your to-do list, choose the most challenging tasks and those you will fulfil faster. Don’t drag them out. Give yourself a finite amount of time to accomplish the things and move to the next piece of work after a short break. 

Don’t jeopardize your first job

Let’s admit that your main activity and a side-hustle can’t be equally crucial. The second job should require less time and effort. Otherwise, you will simply feel torn apart due to the tremendous amount of equally significant tasks. What are the options? Apart from the main job, you can start freelancing. It enables you to choose and decide how many tasks you are ready to fulfil. Focus on doable and bearable projects. Avoid taking on the problems you can’t solve. Working on particular days or hours is a good plan too. Thus, you make sure your full-time job won’t suffer. The best scenario for the side-hustle is doing something you already know well. If there are two equally challenging and time-consuming areas where you try to succeed, there is no chance you are to advance in both of them. 

Do that you love

This inspirational tip has a practical background. Yes, blindly following your passion doesn’t always pay off. However, doing things you hate makes you neither happier nor wealthier. If your second job brings you extra money and satisfaction, you are more likely to keep working effectively. Since the side-hustle seriously reschedules your life, why not pick up the most appealing option? Turn your hobby into an additional source of income. Master your skills and have fun. There is a saying that if you do what you like, you won’t work a single day in this life. Therefore, having a side-hustle that inspires you and makes feel good might become a step ahead in your new potential career. This idea matches well with the thought that in the modern world, people change spheres more often. Therefore, your side-hustle can become the next sphere where you reach your full potential.

To summarize, having a part-time job together with the full-time one is not that uncommon anymore. There are plenty of means how to diversify the source of income. Choose wisely. Your side-hustle shouldn’t be too time-consuming and complicated. Estimate how much time the additional job will require and how to integrate these tasks into your working schedule. Focus on things you know and like. To balance two jobs at the same time, one needs flexibility, determination and some passion. They will help you stay productive and interested in what you are doing longer. Don’t hesitate to try a side-hustle. However, it’s better to estimate your capacities in advance.