How to book a plot in Bahria town Karachi 2


After its inauguration in 2015, Bahria Town Karachi has seen remarkable growth. The Scheme is the most secure neighbourhood in K-Town, providing safety to over a thousand individuals. Thus, Bahria Town Karachi provides some of the metropolis’s best homes and urban conveniences. Some of the most impressive housing developments in the country can be found in this city, giving purchasers and sellers a wide range of alternatives.

Moreover, Although BTK 2 location is in the heart of the metropolis, the area has attracted many residents & companies thanks to its outstanding quality of life. The builders have a track record of delivering large-scale projects in populated areas. Also, Bahria Town, Karachi’s residential developments have been quite profitable due to the great desire from both sellers and buyers. In addition, the Bahria Town developments have achieved widespread notoriety beyond Pakistan’s borders. How Pakistanis living abroad can reserve land in BTK2 is the topic of this article.

 BTK 2 Owners

The renowned Pakistani construction company Bahria Town Pvt. ltd. developed BTK 2. Homebuilding, commercial buildings, and even theme parks are just some things this well-known development company has completed. In addition, everyone knows that the skyscrapers in Bahria Town represent cutting-edge architectural design and technological advancement. BTK 2 also takes advantage of the environmental consequences of renewable energy resources like renewable water and power. People in the neighbourhood also have access to services, including garbage collection, water purification, and waste disposal.

BTK 2 Location

Builders used the BTK 2 Location Map to create a well-planned community where people can unwind and relish life. The Society is 9 miles from Karachi Airport Terminal, which reach by taking the next exit off the toll road. Consequently, it would help if you didn’t have to go too far to get to Malir Camp. All sorts of fun activities, from a safari to a theme park, are available to the people who live in Bahria Town. It takes only twenty-seven minutes to go to Water Park. It takes locals about 35 minutes to reach the amusement park. The Farm Club and mini Golf Club’s proximity enhance this neighbourhood’s excellent standard of living.

BTK 2 NOC Details


The BTK 2 NOC has received complete approval from both the SDA and the SBCA. For financial and physical security in today’s uncertain world, upholding the legal system is more important than ever. Therefore, the issue of a development’s NOC is vital when discussing real estate’s progress as an asset in Pakistan.

BTK 2 Master Plan

The builders have purchased a massive plot of land for this well-designed community. Moreover, the venture is developing according to the BTK 2 grand plan’s designated segments and blocks. A public unveiling of the town’s master plan is in the works by its creators. By March 2022, we’ll have a complete record of the project plan and its results. The total area of the BTK 2 site is around 4,756 acres, according to the program. As a result, the projected area is nearly 202 kilometres in length.

  • There are 125-square-yard, 250-square-yard, 500-square-yard, and 1,000-square-yard properties available.
  • The BTK 2 offers Villas & three-bedroom accommodations.
  • 125 and 250 square yards, commercial properties are also available in this Scheme.

Incredible Details About this Scheme

  • A Safe and Robust Setting


  • Gated community


  • The beautiful natural setting fosters healthy lifestyles.


  • All brand-new buildings will be reasonably priced and have high-quality extras.


  • Places for shopping, enclosed malls, and open spaces appropriate for a wide variety of social events


  • The Scheme’s developers have made accessible very inexpensive property on the plan’s outskirts for those who want an area of land at a reduced price and a more open environment compared to any other property in the venture


  • Easily accessible from anywhere in the city via significant thoroughfares


  • Instructions for Reserving a Room in Bahria Town Karachi 2

The method of making a reservation at Society is not very complex. 

Booking Process of Bahria town Karachi 2?


This article aims to clear up any questions or concerns potential purchasers may have about the booking process for this housing neighbourhood.


Step 1


For more thorough and trustworthy information, it’s best to consult with experienced real estate advisers. Also, frequently visit the BTK 2 site for updates and new info.


Step 2


Please get in touch with the Lead Marketing team to make a reservation for the Bahria Town Karachi 2 estate. Customers will receive an application form from the sales team, and buyers are also requested to fill it out with their details.


Step 3


Don’t forget to include the supporting documents with your completed form. An outline of these details is listed below.


  • Purchaser’s CNIC/NICOP photocopies


  • Photocopies of the CNICs of the buyer’s nominees


  • A set of recent Passport Size Pics of the buyer


  • To make the down payment, please deposit the check and include a copy of the deposit slip with the other required documents.

Step 4


Owners are supposed to put down 15–20% of the purchase price (about Rs. 3–4 lacs) on the land. There will be additional costs before and after the vote, so be prepared to put down fifteen to twenty percent as a down payment. Lots in desirable locations (such as on a corner or overlooking a park) and those closer to main roads will fetch more incredible prices. Last but not least, a deposit of fifteen percent is required if the land is on a main road. Apartment owners in this complex must have covered all of these costs in full.



Bahria Town Karachi 2 will be a benchmark for Pakistani building projects. The field of urban planning is enjoying a renaissance at the moment, and catering to its growing demand from residents and businesses has become increasingly important. Therefore, investing in their firm is a smart move. Bahria Town Karachi 2, one of the city’s finest prominent neighbourhoods, is ideal for those looking for a tranquil spot to call home in the heart of Karachi. This magnificent property in Karachi is available for reasonable prices and features first-rate conveniences and proximity to area landmarks.