How to calculate things in arranged marriage meeting

Arrange marriage has been an early aged practice in India, and it is a long process, the first meeting of boy and girl, the first meeting of the two families, the first introduction, the initial impressions everything happens in a day’s time, which determines the path of the future of the two different but to be a united family. From day one to the marriage day and even beyond, there is a thin line to which everyone has to walk on, as both the families are strangers to each other. NRI matrimonial sites in the USA have an amazing girl and boy profile that are educated, managed, and potential to get married.

  • Things a boy could do to impress a girl: in the first meet for an arranged marriage, everyone is judged on the basis of your appearance and words. It does not mean you have to be in your formals or ready for an interview kind of thing but yes, whether it is a girl or boy both have to dress obediently, neatly, which shows your character. Everything you ask or say has some meaning. Avoid saying meaningless things. Some of the common questions that could be asked are:
  • Ask her about things that she has done, she is interested in, and something that made her feel happy at some point of time in the past. Discuss happy and sad moments of life together. It may include likes and dislikes.
  • Be humble to her answers,
  • Don’t try to act smart.
  • Let’s talk about what girls need to ask: girls need to be honest, be truthful; some of the commons marked questions could be:
    • Ask him about the plans as your future also depends on it. Discuss your planning as well,
    • Please talk about your hobbies, hobbies and interests, as it is important to have something in common.
    • Tell him about your authentic lifestyle, thoughts about your belongings and try to convince him that you are also on the same track as him in any circumstances.
  • How to judge a boy in an arranged marriage meeting: if you are one of the UK brides looking for Indian groomsconsider this advice. Assuming someone is terrible, but this is important as this is about your life here. 
    • Notice the humble nature of the boy; is he considering your thoughts essential or not, whether he is giving attention to your parents or not.
    • Does he appreciate you for your achievements and life goals?
    • Is he is the one that could handle all your lows and ups in stress-free manner
  • How to judge a girl in an arranged marriage: judging a girl in an arranged marriage is difficult as one meeting would not tell everything about a person, but you may calculate by noticing small things. A girl needs to be humble, adjusting to her lifestyle and choice. She can adapt to your culture and its religious activities.