How to change Gmail password?

If you are using Gmail accounts from long time, then it is important to change your password. Because it is very risky to trust on your old Password. However, there are some reasons and when you will face any reason from these, and then the best way of handling these issues is to change your password. For example, if you have forgotten your Gmail account password, then you cannot use it. But if you want to use it, then you should change your password for keeping continuous your Gmail account. However, if you want to decrease security risks for your Gmail accounts, then it is important to change password from time to time. And don’t use repeated password because it could easily guessed.

Process of changing Gmail accounts

If you have a strong password for your Gmail accounts, then it is important to choose another for security. Because old password could be hacked due to some suspicious activities. But when you will choose new password, then you can use a safe and secure Gmail account. Here is the process of changing your password against security issues.

to your account

Open your Gmail account on computer, mobile as well as laptop. However, there is the big difference in Google account and Gmail account. So when you will open your Gmail account then you will need to enter your username and password.

Security and password settings option

After login your Gmail account, you will see a menu bar at the left side of page. When you will click on this option, you will get some more options and choose “Security” tab from all options. So after clicking on it, scroll down arrow and choose “Signing in your Google account” option.

Below the option of “Signing in your Google account”, there will be a small option of password. So, when you will click on it, then you will reach again on your Gmail account.

Change your password

When you will press on small option of password, then your account will be sign-in and you will be getting the screen of password. So, now the time is to change password. There will be the option of new password and there will be the symbol of eye. If you will press on eye symbol then you can see your password, otherwise it will be in “*” symbol.

There will occur the option of strong password and you can choose anyone of them to make your account full secure. While you can create your own password for your account security.

After once entering your password, you will need to confirm it again. So you should enter your password twice and then in the last there will be the option of save changes. When you will press on the option of save changes, then you will login your Gmail account through new password.

How to choose a strong password for your Gmail account?

Above we have discussed that how we can change password for Gmail account? But it is important to choose a strong password for Gmail account protection. But in this blog, we will tell you that how you can choose a strong password for Gmail account?

Before choosing your password, don’t use a simple password that is related to your life. For example, you should not choose your baby or lover name, your mobile number or you should not use a word that your mostly speak. Because these types of passwords are easily guessed. So, it is important to choose a password that contains more than 10 characters with round number. So don’t share your password with anyone, if you want to protect your account from all problems.

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