How to change signature in Gmail?

There are some differences in using Gmail for different purposes like business and personal.  For example, if you are using Gmail PVA accounts for your personal life then there is no importance of Gmail signature. So there is no need of using it and it has not much importance. But when you will buy Gmail PVA accounts for your business then you should use Gmail signature, because through the use of Gmail signature, you can become a professional user of Gmail. There are unlimited advantages of using Gmail signature for your Gmail account and through using signature; you can protect your Gmail account. And if you want to keep your identity in Gmail then Gmail signature is the best way.

Change Gmail signature while using computer

As you know that features of Gmail on computer and mobile devices are different and due to this you should learn different features on different devices. However, now we will discuss that how we can change our Gmail signature while we are using computer for Gmail accounts.

  1. Open your Gmail account and click on gear icon for “see all settings”.
  2. After it click on general tab of your Gmail account.
  3. Below there will be the option of signature, so click on it.
  4. If you are not using signature already then click on the option of “Create New”.
  5. When you will click on this open, a pop-up window will be open and you will need to write a name of and then click on blue option of create.
  6. If you have already set a signature then you can see it by clicking on pencil icon that will be near it. So you can edit your name or you can delete it through clicking on trash.
  7. You can write multiple words for your signature and can use different activities on your Gmail like you can bold it, could be used different fonts and so on.
  8. If you want to use multiple signatures on your single Gmail account and you can create these by clicking “Create new button”.

When you will use signature for your Gmail accounts, then you will give another opportunity. Through it, you are allowed to use different emails for different emails. When you will have adopted all above steps then there will be the option of save changes. So when you will click on this option, all editions that you have made will be adopted.

Signature changing on Gmail mobile app

Mobile devices are more useful for using Gmail app. Because you can use Gmail app through mobiles at any place. However, if you are using computers then you cannot carry it where you went. But when you will use mobile device then you can carry it at any place and use it when you want. So, here we will discuss the process through that you can change your Gmail signature on all types of devices.

Open your Gmail app on your mobile device and press on three dots on top left screen. There will be appear some option and choose settings. You should be entering an email address where you want to make a signature. Below, you will see the option of signature settings or mobile signature.( if you are using iPhone then the option will be settings while in Android, it will be mobile signature. So there will be lot of options on the screen, but in below there will be the option of mobile. So when you will turn it on, then you will be able to get the advantage of Gmail signature.

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