Buying clothes online is always very convenient and easy. However, there are some nuances. For example, many women are faced with the problem of choosing a size and purchase things that are either too big or too small. To prevent such oddities from happening, first you should figure out how to choose the size of clothes in an online store, and then please yourself with pleasant shopping. There is always some risk when ordering clothes on the World Wide Web, but most sites allow you to return or replace an item that doesn’t fit. Of course, it is better to choose trusted stores with good reviews and recommendations. By shopping online, you save time and money. In virtual stores, unlike conventional ones, most often the entire product line is presented, including batal models.

How to determine your size

How to determine your size

Even if all the clothes you have at home are 46 sizes, this is not a guarantee that the item chosen in the online store with such an inscription on the tag will suit you perfectly. Different manufacturers have different dimensional grids and patterns according to which they make things. Therefore, you need to carefully measure your parameters.

 The best option is to let a professional take measurements, that is, a cutter or seamstress. But if this is not possible, ask someone from your family. After all, in the process of measuring, you need to stand as evenly and naturally as possible, without drawing in your stomach and without spreading your shoulders to the maximum. Make sure that the centimeter does not sag and does not stick into the body: such measurements will not be entirely accurate. You need to measure the circumference of the waist, chest, hips and buttocks. The tape should go over the most protruding points. You need to take measurements in thin linen.

It is advisable to take measurements every time before you buy clothes in an online store, especially if you do not do this very often. Because sometimes you can imperceptibly gain or lose a few kilograms.

What are dimensional grids and how to use them

The metric system familiar to us includes sizes from 40 to 66. Usually the indicator for blouses , t-shirts ,  sweaters and sweaters is the half-girth (or girth) of the chest, and for skirts and trousers- half-girth (girth) of the hips. It is easiest to correlate it with European sizes from 32 to 58. For this, there are special tables for matching the sizes of women’s clothing. But in some countries there are certain differences from the generally accepted system. Also, for some European manufacturers, sizes are differentiated depending on growth. If your height is less than 165 or more than 171 centimeters, and you are going to order imported clothes, then pay attention to this nuance. There are also American sizes and an international system, which instead of numbers is indicated by Latin letters: S, M, L, XL, and so on. At first glance, all these dimensions can be compared with each other, but in practice this is not always the case.

Some online stores offer items that fit a common sizing system or are made in one place. Others sell products from different factories and even from different countries. Always consider this aspect before you buy clothes from an online store. When ordering a specific product, always be interested in the dimensional grid of its manufacturer.

In addition to the dimensional grid, real measurements of a particular product can be given. This is another assistant in choosing the size of clothes. At the factory, the thing is measured according to all the necessary parameters so that the buyer can understand how this thing will sit on the figure. However, do not forget that the measurements of the product should slightly exceed the measurements of the body (if you choose a thing that exactly matches the measurements, it may simply not fit or be too tight).

Features of choosing different types of clothing

When buying certain things, both basic and additional parameters are taken into account:

  • The main indicator for jackets and T-shirts is the chest circumference. But also the manufacturer can indicate the width of the shoulders, the length of the sleeve and the product itself. These additional measurements can be taken from an existing item that fits you well.
  • For choosing a dress, the bust volume will also be the main guideline. But depending on the style, it is worth considering both the waist circumference and the length.
  • Before choosing the size of clothing such as a skirt, measure the circumference of the hips and buttocks.
  • When choosing jeans, keep in mind that they have their own size grid, which is based on the size of the waist in inches.
  • When buying trousers, you need to pay attention to such values ​​as the circumference of the waist, hips and the length of the inseam (the so-called step). It can also be measured on your favorite trousers.

Do not forget about the properties of the material from which the thing is sewn. Consider how well it stretches and whether it shrinks when washed.

Your appearance and the degree of comfort when wearing it depends on the correct size of clothes you choose. Therefore, when buying things in online stores, you need to carefully study the methodology for determining it. This will minimize the chance of a bad purchase.