How to choose a women’s tracksuit?

Before the advent of feminism, women’s clothing could have been as uncomfortable as possible. All that was required of noble young ladies was to tighten into a corset and sit decorously at a party, while trying not to look at the abundance of food on the table. Today, the fashionista is trying on much more roles. She, of course, remains an adornment of a secular evening, but in the morning, for example, she goes for a run, and in the afternoon she can give up with her friends to the dacha, by the evening she finds herself in the arms of her beloved on the couch with an interesting book.

And therefore, a tracksuit has become indispensable in women’s everyday life. Convenient and practical, it helps out in any situation, from going to the gym to going out into nature. Therefore, every woman should be able to choose the right ensemble. A good new thing will become a useful purchase in your wardrobe.


Not so long ago, the phrase “tracksuit” imagined a dull set of trousers and zipped sweaters, with or without stripes. Such clothes were used for training and nothing more. But the world does not stand still, because the comfort and convenience of the costumes fell in love not only with ordinary people, but also with designers, so the fate of the tracksuit has changed beyond recognition.

Practical trendy plus size clothing, in which you will walk in the park, relax in nature, go hiking, in other words, enjoy the delights of outdoor activities, must be appropriate for the season. So an active fashionista will need at least two sets: winter and summer, and the latter must also be closed. 

 The ideal solution for walking is a tracksuit with a hood. It will protect your head from precipitation, sun, wind, all the same insects. Also a good addition – pockets, you hardly want to take a purse with you for a walk, and in a large backpack some little things will be difficult to access.

How to choose a tracksuit size

In this case, the main aspect will be wearing comfort. Put on your suit. He should sit well, not dangle or squeeze. Walk, make rotational movements with your arms and legs, sit down, jump. You should not feel any discomfort while performing these movements.

What to wear with a tracksuit in 2021?

Each new season brings something new to fashion trends. Sometimes what seemed obvious and understandable yesterday, today again surprises with unusual solutions. The combination of different trends and trends in fashion allows this year to boldly use a tracksuit everywhere, be it: a regular walk, a trip to the gym, meeting with friends, shopping or business negotiations in an informal setting.

You can wear a fashionable sports kit even if you are completely unrelated to sports. But there is one condition: clothes must be original, special, if you want – original and extraordinary. She is a sure-fire option for spectacular sports-chic and sports-casual looks. Therefore, there will be no problems with the choice.

Warm suits made of thick knitwear, wool or cashmere are suitable for everyday winter looks. Outerwear can be a woolen coat, a down jacket, a parka, a winter bomber jacket. A long scarf and a knitted hat made of thick yarn will organically complement the look.

In spring, a women’s tracksuit set can be combined with your favorite top rated leggings. And if it’s cold, put on a denim jacket.

The convenience of the sport-chic style is that it can tolerate almost all the liberties of our wishes. It perfectly combines seemingly incompatible things, for example, a classic jacket and a tracksuit. See how this contrasting combination looks stylish and trendy.