How to choose eco-friendly furniture?

With the improvement of living standards, people’s values have also changed, and now people are increasingly concerned about environmental issues. We often say that home furnishing pollution needs to be controlled at the source in order to effectively control indoor air pollution, environmentally friendly furniture is actually based on the ecological environment of the furniture, people through reasonable development, the production of furniture beneficial to people’s health. These furniture into a high cultural heritage, the following will give you a detailed explanation. Features and criteria of eco-friendly furniture, and how to choose green furniture.

Environmental furniture features

Green office furniture has become increasingly popular, green furniture has gradually become an important consideration for consumers when buying furniture. Green furniture is based on the ecological industry, based on the rational development, use of natural materials produced to meet the specific needs of users, beneficial to the health of users, and has a very high cultural heritage and technological content of furniture. Currently there are many furniture brands like Sogeshome have introduced bamboo furniture in order to to meet the needs of environmental protection, bamboo furniture is not only environmentally friendly, but also beautiful, bamboo furniture can also be recycled.

First of all, there is no hidden danger of poisoning and harm to people, can meet the user’s multiple needs, green furniture recycling can meet the requirements of environmental protection.

The standard of environmental furniture

The adhesive of traditional panels is urea-formaldehyde resin adhesive, which is the main source of formaldehyde pollution of panels. The world’s most advanced MDI adhesive is used in the non-formaldehyde panels, the adhesive itself does not produce formaldehyde release, coupled with the main material of the panels for the solid wood fragments or powder, the detected formaldehyde emissions from the production of products is negligible, almost negligible.

Even after the process of veneering and sealing, the formaldehyde emission of formaldehyde free panels does not exceed 0.2mg/L, and the European standard of E0 level is 0.5mg/L. This new material has more advantages in environmental protection and safety.

With the popularity of water-based paint in the field of coatings, it has greatly reduced the release of harmful substances from wall paint. However, the high cost, process and other characteristics, making this environmentally friendly materials in the field of finished furniture has not been a large area of application. This also leads to even if consumers buy a whole house of solid wood furniture, once the product surface using paint is not environmentally friendly enough, still easy to emit more “toxic gas” in the home space.

The above to introduce you to the characteristics of environmentally friendly furniture and manufacturing standards, the next to introduce you to how to identify environmentally friendly furniture, Environmental furniture is not just labeled as environmentally friendly furniture, it is necessary for us to identify. When you identify environmentally friendly furniture can look at whether the fabric contains heavy metals, formaldehyde, harmful organic substances, see whether the panel is added to the hardener, water repellent and other harmful substances, and whether the glass contains lead.

There are three points to note when choosing green furniture

1. whether the furniture materials have test reports and the corresponding certificates.

2. To see whether the brand’s reference to environmentally friendly materials refers to all materials or only the main materials.

3. Look at the standards used by the brand, whether they are European standards or the company’s own standards.

Even if your family choose are environmentally friendly furniture, due to the superimposed effect of formaldehyde, there is a possibility that formaldehyde exceeds the standard, so before moving into a new home we must find a professional formaldehyde testing agency, testing after passing before moving in.