How to Choose Summer Dresses

If you haven’t yet found your dream dress to wear all summer, this guide is for you. We have collected the main trends of the season that will help you make your choice.

Summer is the time for an endless change of light, weightless dresses. When, if not in summer, flaunt in hundreds of beautiful dresses? And it is summer models that women buy more easily and more willingly than winter or autumn ones. All manufacturers of women’s clothing – both world-famous brands and local manufacturing companies – offer a huge range of summer dresses.

Rules to help you choose a  summer dresses

  • What girl would refuse to visually make her figure slimmer? To do this, you should choose a dress with a deep V-neckline. Visually, vertical stripes on the dress – zippers, slits, vertical inserts made of dark fabric will also help to appear taller.
  • Girls with lush hips should abandon fluffy skirts and voluminous folds below the waist, since such styles will only emphasize the fullness of the legs. It is better to give preference to straight dresses with an accent in the neckline and shoulders.
  • Do not buy such fashionable voluminous hooded dresses if you are not sure that you will look great in them. Despite their growing popularity, such dresses are not for everyone. For slightly overweight girls, hoodies will be made even fuller, for slender girls they can also add extra centimeters.
  • Summer is the perfect time for  summer dresses. But if you have at least some doubts, uncertainty about the slimness of the legs, then the mini should be abandoned. If you really want to please yourself with a short dress, we recommend an alternative option – a short dress, which is worn with a transparent long cape.
  • If you don’t have a classic A-line dress in your wardrobe yet, fix this mistake as soon as possible. Such a model with a length just below the knee is ideal for any girl. Tie a thin belt, stand on heels – the perfect summer look is ready.
  • Skip knit dresses for the summer. Instead, it is better to choose cotton clothes, in them it is much easier to endure the heat.

A guide to fashion trends 2022

Summer dresses trends 2022 are of interest not only to stylists, buyers and designers. This topic is not alien to every girl, because you always want to dress stylishly. And what does each of us need in the summer for complete happiness? 

Fortunately, this season there are so many different options for these comfortable and beautiful clothes that each of us can find an outfit that will suit our taste.


Denim is always in fashion, and you should not give up on it in the summer. If you want to choose a dress for the summer dresses from denim, take a closer look at sundresses with thin straps – they are now in trend. They are best worn with plain T-shirts and low-cut shoes.

Complete transparency

Many brands that offer to choose  summer dresses made of transparent fabrics. They can be worn with special underwear (for example, bodysuits) and over dresses with thin straps. Fully transparent dresses can even be paired with shorts and jeans. It all depends on your imagination.

With puff sleeves

Puffy sleeves are a definite trend of the season, and in matters of dresses, too. If it seems to you that the puff sleeves will add too much “candy” to the image, do not worry: not all dresses of this kind are equally romantic! 

Bulky and long

We can even call them tent dresses to make it easier to imagine. Yes, we are talking about dresses as loose, wide, hiding the outlines of the body. At the same time, they can be no less sexy than their tight-fitting, tight-fitting, demonstrating everything that is hidden, brothers. If only because, against the background of her voluminous dress, the hostess herself looks even more fragile.


Leave the little black dresses for autumn and winter: in Russia they are traditionally long. So we catch the moment! Moreover, light colors are especially good in the heat. 

 Summer dresses – romance is always in fashion

The main thing, when choosing  summer dresses , is to pay attention to the fabric, to give preference to natural materials. This season, classic styles remain relevant: a case, a straight silhouette, elongated models, openwork dresses, sundresses. It is equally important to take into account the features of the figure and personal preferences when choosing a  summer dresses.

 Summer dresses – fashion trends, selection rules

fashion trends

A sundress is the best summer dresses that is easy to pick up for the office or walking with friends. In the trends of this season, sundresses on thin straps, to the floor, not a fitted, but a free silhouette. Fabric – cotton, linen, silk, viscose. The colors can be chosen from pastel, delicate or variegated, with floral, geometric prints.

Sundresses of the simplest, minimalistic cut are suitable for an office dress code . A romantic date look is easy to create with a ruffle or frill sundress. You can complement the outfit with stiletto sandals, Roman sandals.

Floor-length dresses – practicality, femininity and romantic silhouette have made this style popular for several seasons. Floor-length dresses perfectly emphasize, visually lengthen the figure, make it slimmer. There is another reason why many choose a floor-length dress – they are very practical, they hide figure flaws. A floor-length dress with a free cut from the shoulders will easily hide lush hips.

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Sundresses and floor-length summer dresses are ideal for the summer heat – they keep cool air close to the body and protect from overheating. The most popular are models with thin straps, with a simple neckline design.

Sheath dress is a style that never goes out of style, but it is not suitable for extreme heat. Feel free to choose a case for an office dress code, late spring or early autumn, when you will not be hot in a dress made of dense material.

Sheath dresses are demanding on the figure and look perfect only on the “hourglass”. You can look for a combined version – a dress made from a tight-fitting skirt and a fluffy chiffon top. This combination is perfect for women with a pear figure – folds in the upper part create an accent on the chest and divert attention from the hips. The effect will be more expressive if you wear a dress with contrasting inserts on the sides.

Romance is always in vogue


Fluffy skirts regularly return to trends, so this season, designers offer to wear skirts of the sun-flared style. These skirts look very feminine and stylish, in combination with shoes or stiletto sandals. The flared sun is a versatile cut that suits women of all ages. Young women of fashion can choose skirts with several layers of tulle, complementing them with sneakers. Women of age can choose a discreet dress with a long skirt, in combination with a bolero or cardigan, pumps.

Dresses with a peplum – a playful frill at the waistline – are in constant demand. Peplum dresses are great for business style when you want to look casual, but the rules are strict. A playful, light ruffle that falls over the hips, softens a simple, uncluttered cut.

Dress-shirt is a favorite wardrobe item for women who love practicality and comfort. This outfit, borrowed from the men’s wardrobe, really resembles a men’s shirt, only almost knee-length, it has a fitted silhouette. This shirt dress can be worn loose or with a stylish belt that emphasizes the waist line.

Where to buy wholesale  summer dresses?

In winter, many manufacturers offer models from past summer collections with good discounts. You can buy summer lace dresses in bulk, perhaps partnering with girlfriends or work colleagues. Thus, you can update your summer dresses and save up to 50% of the total amount on purchases. Choose online stores from local manufacturers so that there are no problems with delivery and possible return of items.