How to choose the best biotech course

The biotechnology colleges in lucknow, especially Amity University attract such people who are passionate about improving people’s lives through research. But quite a few other btech biotech colleges in UP are in their nascent stages of development. A student at such an institute gets disillusioned with the limited opportunities provided to them and the limited knowledge they gain. 

The reason for a disconnect at many colleges in UP, as well as in India, is because biotechnology is a highly interdisciplinary field. It requires an exceptional faculty who are the gurus of their respective fields and well-versed in others. Such an accomplished faculty can provide knowledge to the students of the biological sciences as well as the engineering technologies to help manipulate the biological systems and living organisms to produce products. 

Some of the best developments and innovations in this field have come out of interdisciplinary research like the production of biofuels, genome sequencing, natural pesticides, stem cell technology, etc. And Amity University is one such place that has stayed at the forefront of this technology and innovation with the right set of people. Many colleges also provide a B.Sc. degree instead of a Biotech that focuses more on the biological aspects with only a few subjects on industrial processes.

Although neither of these courses is better than the other, as it all depends upon your alignment to the long term goals. But the enhanced focus of the B.Sc. degree on microbiology, biochemistry, plant and animal biotechnology, microbial genetics, etc. provides a good option to join the R&D departments of industries or in the government sector. You might also need to pursue your studies in M.Sc. and right up to P.hD. to keep your options open.

While you have a much larger career option through the biotech course. Many of the B.Tech in Biotechnology students work in the biotech field while others shift to both software, management, and more. One thing to keep in mind is that this field of biotechnology is still growing, especially in India, and the starting packages and job openings are much lower compared to the pure IT sectors. But it is a growing field and with a few years of experience, one can expect a decent lifestyle.

The transition option from biotechnology to IT or management is also available to the students who study the B.Sc. course but for them, the transition will be much more difficult. Many students also tend to go abroad to study their further postgraduate studies and to avail of better job options. Some also shift to the MBA field and enter the finance, banking, and other business fields where the engineering background helps them with quantitative skills.
Most of the jobs, however, are provided through on-campus placements, and before you join any btech biotech colleges in UP one should check out this aspect of the college. Established and well-known b tech biotechnology colleges near me like Amity University tend to attract more core companies thus providing a better chance of landing a job.

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