How to Choose the Best Electric Hand Dryer?

Electric hand dryers have become more popular in recent years. This prompted manufacturers to create different types of devices that would meet all kinds of customer requirements.

This type is equipped with a special button to turn on drying . Then hot air comes out of it, which dries up the hands. One cycle of operation of such devices takes from 30 to 45 seconds. The advantage is the affordable price.

But you need to be prepared for the fact that such devices work slowly. Also, they do not meet sanitary standards, because each user has to press a button. In addition, these dryers require more electricity to operate.

Because it takes more time to dry hands with an electric dryer than just drying them with a paper towel , high-speed dryers have been created. Such devices can dry hands in 10-15 seconds, which makes them more comfortable.

They are more energy efficient, which will help you save money on bills. But it should be remembered that such devices will cost more, and they are quite noisy in operation. But overall, you’ll be happy with the speed and energy efficiency.

Automatic dryers

You do not need to press a button to start automatic dryers . An infrared sensor detects when a hand appears under the electric dryer, after which it immediately starts working. And when the hands are removed, the dryer turns off automatically.

This contributes to the maintenance of sanitary and hygienic conditions and significantly saves electricity. The only drawback is the initial cost.

What factors should you pay attention to when buying an electric hand dryer?

Before purchasing a electric hand dryer , you need to consider all the important points. If you have never bought such things before, you will be surprised that the choice depends on many factors. Here are some basic tips to help you choose the best electric hand dryer for your bathroom.

The budget is the main element of any purchase. Depending on the model, the cost of electric hand dryers may vary. Devices with basic characteristics are inexpensive.

But if you need a dryer with additional functions, you will have to spend a lot. What affects the cost:

  • the presence of an infrared sensor;
  • increased power;
  • presentable appearance;
  • energy efficiency.

It is better to pay more initially and get an efficient and durable model than to save money and then buy spare parts, pay big energy bills and make users feel uncomfortable with the slow operation of the dryer.


The most important characteristic of an electric hand dryer is speed. Nobody wants to be in the toilet for a long time. People won’t wait 45 seconds for their hands to dry. The fastest dryers are Dyson Air blade dryers .

This means you have to invest in a high speed dryer that will dry a couple of hands in 10-15 seconds. This difference in time spent drying hands can make a big difference to users.


The drying speed directly depends on the power. Appliances with higher power will run faster. But they also have a drawback – they make a very loud noise. It’s good that people like noisy dryers that do the job in 10 seconds rather than quiet ones that take 45 seconds. And high power does not mean at all that the device will consume a large amount of energy.


All machines that blow air will make noise, and this sound can be very loud. Those with less power will run quieter. If you are planning to place your dryer where noise matters, consider quieter options.

There are devices that allow you to independently adjust the power. This will help control the noise level, but it will take longer to dry your hands. When technology improves, there will be powerful and quiet electric dryers.

Power consumption

High speed hand dryers are more energy efficient than traditional models. Automatic devices are designed so that they can only work when needed, thus saving energy.

This means a high speed automatic dryer is the best option if you can afford it. Many industrial dryers have been marketed as environmentally friendly models since they were low on energy.

Appliances without a heating element that simply blow out air are the best in terms of energy efficiency.

Regardless of which electric dryer you buy, it will be more energy efficient and environmentally friendly compared to paper towels.

You can buy models that will simultaneously save energy and respect nature. However, simply purchasing a dryer will be essential.


When buying a hand dryer, durability plays a big role because it will be used by a large number of people and should last a long time. While working with the device, a lot of rude users will come into contact, so it must withstand everyone.

Look for models with a longer warranty period. This suggests that they are more reliable and likely to last longer.


Germs are a serious problem in any public toilet. Therefore, a dryer is needed that will not contribute to the spread of pathogenic microorganisms.

Automatic electric dryers are considered the best in this regard, as they do not need to be touched to turn them on or off. This will prevent germs from moving from one surface to another.

Some high quality appliances are equipped with HEPA filters, so the air they produce is clean and safe. For establishments that sell food, this will be especially important because it will reduce the spread of germs between visitors and employees who touch the food.

This aspect can make your establishment attractive, credible, or avoided. When visitors are satisfied with the sanitary and hygienic conditions, they will definitely return and bring their friends with them.

Compliance with requirements for the convenience of people with disabilities

In any case, you need to remember about the recommendations concerning citizens with disabilities. This also applies to the choice of hand dryers, as well as the way they are installed. They should be in accessible places, not high from the floor.

If they are located high, it is worth taking care that people who have vision problems do not suddenly bump into them. An ideal option is a dryer that protrudes no more than 10 cm from the wall.Otherwise, it is recommended to purchase a special set of adapters to help reduce the protrusion to 10 cm.


You should say goodbye to paper towel dispensers used in toilets. They can harm the environment. In addition, they are not as convenient as the environmentally friendly and economical electric dryers.

Before buying, you should use a guide like this to make your selection successful. There are so many dryers on sale now that you can get confused. The most important characteristics to look out for are speed, energy efficiency and noise.

Price and reliability are also important. Appearance and size can make a difference to some people. This guide will help you narrow your search and make the right choice.

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