How to choose the ideal dress for a party?

Do you want to look perfect at your next party ? Oftentimes, we girls think that looking regal at a party implies choosing the most fashionable prom dresses or the most beautiful one we saw in the store; However, finding one that makes us look really pretty requires some foolproof basic guidelines.

That is why we leave you some basic tips, which, when applied well, will not only help us to be attractive and elegant, but will also help us to recognize what type of clothing and designs are the most suitable for us.

know yourself

It is very important that we recognize the type of body we have. Real girls are not tall, with a marked waist and abundant bust; In reality we can be of medium height, low waist, average hips, little or much bust and in most cases a short neck.

Look at the designs

Once we know the shape of our body, we can launch ourselves to see dress designs . We must take into account the different types of cuts and necklines that the suits present in order to get the most out of it.

For example, if you do not have a small bust , the ideal is to choose dresses that have bobs, drapes or some type of application that makes more volume in the neckline area; If you have a lot, it is best to show a part with a square neckline that subtracts volume.

3. The place

Choosing an evening dress is a task in which several key aspects must be considered, and one of the most notable is the place and context where the celebration will take place to rule out options that you find in your search. It is clear to understand that a gala wedding in a party room is not the same as on a beach.

For example, if it is a beach wedding, choose a more bohemian style made in flowing fabrics that do not suffocate you; If it is in a garden, you may not want to drag your dress and if it is in rainy territory, it is most likely that you do not want your dress to touch the ground. Meditate beforehand on your choice.

4. Type of event

This is a fundamental parameter that you have to take into account whenever you are looking for a perfect style for an act during the day or for a party at night. Many times we forget the type of event to which we will attend and we sin by excess or by default. It is not the same to go to an afternoon wedding, to a date night related to our company or to a graduation in which we are the honoree or the guest.

Choose the dress

  • Pear silhouette: In this case the hips are very large and marked. To help balance it is recommended that you wear dresses that show off the shoulders. You can also wear strapless because it has to give the illusion that your shoulders are the size of your hips. The most recommended are dresses with a halter neckline.
  • Slim silhouette: For these cases, the ideal are straight dresses with a cross-cut neckline and zero sleeves; also, the vastness of it should not go beyond the knees to stylize the image. You can place a belt around the waist.
  • Apple silhouette: This figure is characterized by having a low waist and a wide back; For this reason, it is sought to hide it with pleated dresses that manage to stylize the upper part with the lower part of the body.


  • To see you slimmer, make sure that the dresses do not have horizontal lines or prints.
  • Avoid fitted suits made in tight fabrics such as lycra, silks, etc., because they show our imperfections more clearly.
  • To hide the tummies, try on dresses in an empire cut that will hide the waist, but also avoid the necklines in the back because they magnify the problem.