How to choose the right blouse for your figure

The convenience of how to choose the right blouse is that they can be easily combined with skirts and trousers , put on in the office or for a walk. It is a versatile wardrobe item that can be used in a wide variety of combinations and look elegant and stylish every day. The main thing is to choose it correctly, to find “your” models.

How to choose a blouse for your figure?

When choosing, the main thing is to choose the right model in accordance with your figure. Only in this case the blouse will suit you and will help to emphasize or hide the features of the physique. To do this, you need to know the type of your figure, in addition, you need to take into account the height: for example, if you are below average, you should not wear elongated models, it is recommended to choose standard or short ones.

The following rules will help you find how to choose the right blouse the desired (depending on the type of figure) style:

  • “Apple” (chest girth, hips and shoulder width are about the same, the waist is weak or absent, there may be a small belly). The drapery in the front will help hide flaws in the figure. High-waisted blouses or trapezoidal cuts will make the absence of a waist invisible, and the decor in the middle will help with this.
  • “Triangle” or “pear” (wide hips, narrow shoulders). Styles decorated on the shoulders and chest will help to hide the discrepancy between the graceful upper body and the heavy lower body. For example, shoulder pads will make your shoulders appear wider. The ruffles on the chest, lantern sleeves, shoulder straps or other decor on the shoulders will also help balance the figure.
  • “Rectangle” (hips and shoulders of the same width, usually narrow, the waist is weak). how to choose the right blouse with a neckline, round, square or oval (but not V- shaped ) will accentuate the chest. Models with a narrow top and extended bottom will visually enlarge the hips. Asymmetrical cuts will help hide the lack of a waist and create a feminine silhouette.
  • Inverted triangle or V -type (broad shoulders, narrow hips, often large breasts). A sufficiently deep neckline will help make a massive upper body lighter: choose models with a boat neckline or a round one. A V- neck will do the job perfectly – it will also emphasize the beauty of the chest. The fullness of the shoulders will masked by “batwing” sleeves or wide cropped sleeves to the middle of the forearm (“three quarters”). Asymmetrical blouses will also smooth out the difference between shoulder and hip measurements. Loose ones in the lower part of the model, especially from thin fabrics, will make the hips visually wider.

Owners of curvy figures should be especially careful in choosing this wardrobe item. The following products recommended for them:

  • High-waisted. They will help to emphasize lush breasts, hide excessively full hips and belly. Elongated loose (not fitting) how to choose the right blouse will do the best for this task.
  • With smell. They can be of different styles. The presence of a belt or a pronounced waistline will make your figure slimmer – you should choose just such blouses. A deep V neckline will make full breasts look even more attractive, and a free lower part drapes your thighs.
  • With a wide frill (peplum). This style will emphasize the difference between the waist and hips, the figure will look slimmer. It recommended choosing a long peplum that ends slightly above or below the widest point of the hips.
  • With a deep V-neck. The ” V ” neckline best emphasizes the beauty of the chest. An asymmetrical cut and short sleeves will also help to give a winning figure.

Models for work, leisure and going out

Some people think that a women’s blouse refers exclusively to business wear. But this is not the case. A variety of styles, fabrics and colors allow you to choose a how to choose the right blouse for any occasion, appropriate in a particular setting:

  • for the office – elegant, austere simple models without a bright pattern and excessive decor, restrained colors, preferably knitted, cotton, silk;
  • for special occasions – thin silk or satin blouses, glowing under artificial lighting, with a matching skirt will be an excellent alternative to a cocktail or evening dress ; long models of a free cut are preferable;
  • for leisure – loose cotton, linen, knitted blouses of any color (with or without a pattern) and with any trimmings, with short or long sleeves.

How not to be mistaken with the size?

A blouse a wardrobe item that must choose exactly in size. Models for several sizes will no longer hide the flaws in the figure, and models that are smaller than needed will not emphasize the advantages. The thing will just sit badly.

If you are not sure of the size of the blouse you need, and there is no way to try on the selected model, you can use the size table.

Using the tips above, you can find some perfect how to choose the right blouse that can be worn with any wardrobe item and look different every day. But do not forget that it is not only the cut and style of the product that are important. Pay attention to fabrics, colors and finishes – they should not stand out from the overall look.

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