How to choose the right hair dryer

How to choose a hair dryer so that you can easily do your own styling with it? What makes sense to save? Which type of hair dryer to choose for drying hair at home or in the salon? We’ll figure out.


A well-known fact: most often professional hair dryers are chosen by stylists in salons. What is a professional hair dryer? What is its difference from a household hair dryer? Can this hair dryer be used at home?
So, a professional hair dryer is a device for drying and styling hair, which is most often used by stylists and hairdressers.

What is the difference between a professional hair dryer and a household hair dryer?

  • firstly, its service life is much longer than usual, but at the same time it has great power. The stylist determines the main condition when choosing a hair dryer: continuous use of the device for many hours while maintaining a high drying rate: a household hair dryer will quickly break down during such operation.
  • secondly, additional functions. We are talking about functions that guarantee safety (coating, ionization), convenience (switches, design).
  • thirdly, the length of the power cord. The cord in professional hair dryers can reach a length of 3 m.
  • fourthly, the material of the heating element. In household options, this material is most often ordinary metal, which harms the hair and dries it out. In professional hair dryers, this is ceramics, etc.
  • fifthly, a variety of nozzles. With this hair dryer, you can create a variety of hairstyles and styling, as well as curl your hair or give it volume.

All these differences are advantages and emphasize that a professional hair dryer is also great for home use.

So, a professional hair dryer is ideal for you if:

  • you need a powerful and convenient tool that will last you a long time and save your hair;
  • you are a hairdresser;
  • Do you often use a hair dryer?
  • your hair dryer is not only a drying device, but also a styling tool;
  • the hair dryer will be used by several family members with different hair types.


Have you decided to buy a professional hair dryer? Here’s what to consider when choosing:

  • the amount you plan to spend. The price range for professional hair dryers ranges from 2 to 15 thousand rubles, it depends on the power, the life of the motor and the presence / absence of various additional functions (we will consider them below), as well as on the design. 
  • What is a hair dryer for? If the main purpose of a hair dryer for you is drying and creating volume, then the most important thing in a hair dryer is power and the presence of high-quality nozzles (diffuser and concentrator). If your goal is to create a variety of styling, here you should also consider additional features that we will discuss below and which will ensure safe and long-term use of the device. Styling often requires skill, but with a convenient and safe hairdryer, a beautiful hairstyle will be easier to do: it will facilitate the work of a professional, and help a beginner to learn. 
  • specifications. Have you decided on the amount and purpose of the purchase? Now you definitely need to understand which properties of the hair dryer are more important to you. His weight? Ease? Drying speed? Or the look? There are several main characteristics that you should pay attention to when choosing a hair dryer.


  1. Power, performance. Power is, simply put, the power of the motor. In modern professional hair dryers, it ranges from 1800 to 2500 watts. The temperature of the blown air depends on the power. Capacity is how hard the hair dryer blows (in specifications, it is usually referred to as airflow strength and is indicated by m3 / h). For professional hair dryers, the performance ranges from 69 to 84 m3 / h. Accordingly, the high performance of the hair dryer ➨ fast drying ➨ less damage to the hair ➨ absorbs less energy. 
  2. Motor life. The motor is the heart of the hair dryer. All professional hair dryers have a long service life (from 2000 hours), as they are designed for constant intensive work. On average, 2000-5000 hours is about 2-4 years of long-term (many hours every day!) And 5-8 years of “home” use. There are special brushless motors, their service life is 10,000 hours (this is subject to work in the cabin)! Such hair dryers are not cheap, but they will serve you for many years: for this they are popular among professionals in particular. 
  3. Compactness and weight. The small size and light weight are the successful properties of the hair dryer. The weight of the hair dryer ranges from 350 to 660 g, and the size is from 16 to 22 cm. Suitable options for compact hair dryers:
  4. Ionization. Ionization is an important indicator. With this function, the hair dryer generates millions of negatively charged ions, which “come out” along with the air flow. Ions break up water particles into microscopic droplets that are easily absorbed into the hair. Result: instead of drying out, the hair is moisturized. Another plus: The body does not have to produce excess sebum to “protect” dry hair. They will stay cleaner longer. The ozone lamp in the hair dryer is also designed to moisturize the hair, only the moisturizing effect is stronger, in addition, it has a therapeutic effect on thin and weak hair, preventing hair loss, and contributes to the durability of dyed hair. 
  5. Noise level (measured in dB). The quiet operation of a hair dryer is sometimes important not only for professionals working with clients for hours, but also for ordinary people who care about their hearing or are afraid to wake up relatives, as they dry their hair late at night or early in the morning. Hair dryers are considered quiet if the noise level is 69 dB or less.
  6. Design. A beautiful and comfortable hair dryer should have a comfortable handle (ergonomic handle), you also need to pay attention to the location of the buttons (front or side), the presence of nozzles (nozzles can be purchased separately for many hair dryers), balancing (proper weight distribution often plays a greater role than real weight hair dryer).

Power: choose wisely!

This indicator is most often analyzed by users when buying, and most often gross errors are made already at this stage. It is wrong to assume that the greater the power of the hair dryer, the better the device itself. Today on sale you can see models with the following values ​​​​of this parameter:

  • up to 1200 W (these are, as a rule, road options, which differ in compact dimensions and light weight);
  • 1200-1600 W (segment of devices for home use for hair drying and styling);
  • more than 1600 – 2300 W (professional models).

Power is often associated with the temperature of the air it delivers to the hair. In fact, power is the speed at which heated air is extracted from the hair dryer. How quickly it will be possible to give the hair the desired shape depends on this indicator: the larger it is, the less time it takes to style the hair.

In addition, only a professional can use high power for its intended purpose (without harming the hair): he will be able to select the optimal air supply mode and quickly complete the styling. Hair dryers with a power of 2000 W or more are not recommended for regular use for styling or drying hair at home. Power must be indicated by the manufacturer on the packaging.

For girls with fine hair or those who have recently permed, it is better to choose a model with low power. The more powerful the device, the stronger and more serious thermal protective agents will have to be used.

Other technical parameters and functions

An important criterion when choosing should be the presence of a temperature controller. Stylists advise always drying the bangs and temples at a low temperature, as the hair here is thinner and can be easily damaged by a hot stream. In addition, to fix the styling, it is necessary to walk through the hairstyle with chilled air. In more expensive models, this regulator functions autonomously from a similar device that regulates power; in budget options, they are combined.

Like any electrical appliance, a hair dryer consumes a certain amount of electricity. Moreover, it is he who, among other household appliances, occupies a leading position on a par with a microwave oven.

For this reason, manufacturers do not like to indicate the level of energy consumption on the box of the device. If this indicator matters to you, study the information in the instructions.

For comfortable use of the device at home, evaluate how loud it works at all speeds. This indicator depends on the quality of the electric motor of the device. Power in this regard is not a determining factor, that is, a powerful device can operate almost silently.

Model type: which one to choose and how to decide on the assortment

How to choose the right hair dryer largely depends on what effect you want to get from it. The most popular, popular and relevant models today are:

  • stylers: these are devices whose power allows them to be used for simple hairstyles; they are compact, the best choice for self-installation outside the home; there are many universal and original nozzles for stylers (“warming hand” for splendor, brush for waves, a special nozzle for detangling, etc.);
  • concentrators: nozzle with a slit-like base; used for styling curls; the essence of the operation of the device is that the air flow purposefully goes to a separate area, due to which the curl dries faster and takes on the desired shape; it is better and correctly to use together with a brush;
  • hair dryer brush: allows you to effectively dry your hair and style it at the same time; you can choose and buy such a model for both women with short haircuts and owners of long hair; it is convenient to use such a brush at home, it is a worthy alternative to models that imitate the professional work of a specialist;
  • diffusers: the best option for quick hair drying; the device scatters the air flow, thanks to which you can quickly dry not individual skeins or curls, but all hair; it is worth choosing and buying such a model for girls with especially damaged hair, for example, after a perm; modern diffusers allow you to give your hair splendor and volume, as well as get a “wet hair effect”; A good choice for gentle daily drying.

Additional functions

When learning how to choose a hair dryer, pay special attention to the additional options of the device before you buy it. The best choice is to buy a hair dryer whose additional features you will actually use for its intended purpose, which you can use to 100% of its potential.

It is better to choose a model with a removable air filter. It is easy to wash from dust and hair, which inevitably accumulate in any appliance. Such a hair dryer will be able to work longer, it will only be enough to properly care for it.

Friction pads will also be a useful tool. Thanks to them, the hair dryer will not vibrate much during operation; when it is on, it can be left on the table. With such overlays, you can do complex styling and not feel discomfort from vibration. A good choice for salon devices.

A convenient additional option is a humidity sensor. Thanks to him, the hair dryer itself determines the initial moisture content of the hair and has the opportunity to choose the optimal drying mode and the required power. With such a sensor, the hair does not dry out, remains intact and retains its shape for a long time. A professional good hair dryer of a new generation is necessarily equipped with such a sensor.

Particularly discussed in the hairdressing business now is such a novelty as an ozone lamp or a built-in ionizer. Hair dryers with such devices are not only able to help create the most complex styling, but also treat hair in parallel and restore their structure correctly. Choosing such a model means protecting yourself from overheating of the device and not worrying about setting the required temperature: the device will do it for you.

Professional hair dryer: a balanced choice

How to choose a hair dryer that can be fully used as a professional device in beauty salons? It makes sense to pay close attention to such weighty aspects:

  • power: the case when the larger it is, the faster you can cope with the hairstyle, no matter how difficult it may be;
  • cord length: it is better to choose models with a wire length of at least 2.5-3 m; a professional hair dryer should be convenient, use away from an outlet;
  • body material: it is better to buy a hair dryer with a body made of durable plastic that imitates metal in properties;
  • nozzles: most professional models are presented in the form of a concentrator, it makes sense to also pay attention to the brush option;
  • additional options: it is convenient to use a professional hair dryer with a humidity sensor, auto-off, adjustable speeds and operating modes.

Before learning how to choose a professional hair dryer, it is worth realizing that, despite its obvious advantages over conventional household hair dryers, it is not suitable for daily use. It is definitely worth buying it for employees of beauty salons or those who are fond of hairdressing. You can buy and use a professional hair dryer as an addition to a less powerful alternative for situations where a regular brush or diffuser cannot be used.


A professional hair dryer can be used not only by professionals, but also by all members of a large family with different types of hair. With it, you can create the most luxurious styling and quickly dry your hair without damaging it.
When choosing a hair dryer, you must consider:

  • hair dryer power and performance (for home use – up to 2500 W);
  • weight and size of the device;
  • the presence of an ionization function or an ozone lamp;
  • noise level (up to 73 dB);
  • beautiful body, balancing, ergonomic handle, nozzles.

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