How to decorate a dining table

Dining tables are decorated not only on holidays, but also on ordinary days. A solid worktop made of natural wood looks beautiful in its original form. However, a properly selected décor will never be superfluous, but on the contrary will add style and comfort to the interior.

Wherever the table is located – in the living room or in the kitchen – the central composition will always be appropriate. Usually it is located in the center of the tabletop, and the appliances are located at the edges.

If the table is on the side, then the composition can be shifted along the center line closer to the wall.

The traditional decor of the dining table is a vase with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and twigs. Bright inflorescences perfectly refresh the room, add colors to the interior.

The vase can be any – transparent glass, ceramic, plastic. It is important that it matches the style of the rest of the design, the color of the walls and furniture.

Original table decoration ideas:

  • A narrow fabric runner in a beautiful material in the center of the table top. In combination with  wooden furniture, natural fabrics such as linen, cotton look harmonious. A beautiful canvas decorates and protects the surface from scratches.

You can put original candlesticks in the form of antique lanterns on the path.

  • In the center of the countertop, instead of a vase, you can put a bucket or an earthenware jug. Perfect for country style.
  • The classic option for decorating the table is a basket or dish with fruits. Fresh apples, pears, bananas, oranges look bright and appetizing.
  • Transparent vessel with internal filling. The emphasis in this case is on a bright color. Use colored dragees, coffee beans, marmalades as a filler.
  • Live plants are an excellent decor for a dining table, a piece of nature in the house. Delicate greenery in a beautiful vase or pot perfectly refreshes the room, makes it cozy and homely.

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