How to Design the Ideal Candles Boxes for your Candles

Candles are a widely used item in our daily life. In past people use candles to enlighten their homes but nowadays its use more than enlightening the home, candles are more used for decoration and fragrance. Who does not want a candle with a sweet fragrance in his house? people always search best candles. There is a great variety of candles like tea light candles, birthday candles, Taper Candles, Pillars, and Cartridge Candles, etc. So, the packaging is the main thing that can help you to get the attention of the people. This ultimately helps to increase your sale.

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Getting different and creative boxes is difficult. So, if you are looking for ideas to design stunning Candles Boxes that can help you in brand recognition and grow your business read this article till the end.

Select the effective size and style:

 Customizing companies offer a great variety of boxes styles. You should use the best and perfect size according to the candles that can be easy to use so that it will give a good experience for the customers. There are different boxes styles that you can use for the packaging of candles.

• Reverse end boxes

• Sleeve boxes

3- Mailer boxes

• Two-piece boxes

Window die-cut boxes: 

You do not need to keep your candles hidden. Use a window-die cut to attract more people. You can make a window die-cut in the box in any shape. It will give the cool look to the packaging. Customers can easily see the product through it that helps them to decide to choose the candles in a short time. PVC sheet can be used on the die-cut to cover the inside product.

In addition, you can also use insertion that helps to keep the candles in place. And keep them safe from damage by moving here and there in the box.

Use High-Quality Material

Material is one of the important factors that can help to make quality invite boxes and have a great impact on the sale. So, always choose a sturdy and durable material that can keep the candles safe and sound from all kinds of damage and maintain the shape of the candles longer. There is a different material that customizing companies provide you should choose that material which is suitable for your product.

You can use cardboard for the boxes. it is an excellent choice for the packaging. As this is thick and sturdy material so it keeps the candles safe. This material is available at a reasonable price so it is economical to use for packaging.

On the other hand, you can also use corrugated material for this purpose. Corrugated boxes mostly used for shipping it is the best option for candle boxes wholesale.

If you are looking for environmentally friendly material then Kraft paper is the best choice for you. This material is not good just for packaging but also safe for the community as it is biodegradable and can also be recycled.

These materials are also affordable. If you use costly material it will increase the price of the product and it may be difficult to people to buy expensive things. So these materials prove cost-effective and it is economical and people can buy easily. It will have a great impact on the increase of the sale.

Appealing Printing Design

Every company tries to present its products differently. You do not need to follow the trend you should set the trend of the market. so, to make your product distinct from the other use different ideas of presenting like unique printing styles that make it unique from others. People always prefer to buy those things which catch their attention. So, a stunning presentation is necessary to grasp the attention of the people.

Different printing styles can make your product different from others. Choosing the right color scheme is the first and the most important factor in printing. There are two color models that companies offer you can choose according to your need and desire.



You can just get a single color or different color combinations for the packaging. But always try to choose a sensible color scheme that can match your product.

• Typography:

Typography is the main factor in printing. To make your packaging more elegant use typography that can be easily readable for the customers. you can use embossing to make your brand name and logo more prominent. Besides this debossing is also a type of printing that can give a great look to your Game Boxes.

Silver and gold foiling is another type that is used in printing that will give a pretty look. You can print your brand logo or name to advertise your brand. It makes the people aware of which brand’s candle they are using.

Moreover, you can use the instructions on the box that helps people to use the item. You can choose the printing style according to your need and desire some common printing designs are as follows:

• Digital printing

• Offset printing

3- Flexography printing

You can choose any printing style according to the theme of your brand and product.

Where you can Customize your Candle Boxes:

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