How to Find the Value of Your Used Car?

In Kerela, used car models like Ford Figo Aspire and 2019 Tata NEXON are sold at Rs. 6,64,599 and Rs. 7,13,099. You can pay Rs. 14,784 and Rs. 15,862 monthly to meet the price. There are also 391 used cars of popular brands like Hyundai, Honda, and Maruti Suzuki. Today, buying vehicles from dealerships isn’t the only way to get a car. The second-hand car industry is thriving and allows you to get many cost-effective deals on the vehicle models you desire. It’s easy to find used car valuation Kerala from a site with 100 percent genuine customers. It also gives you the option of a free RC transfer. You can sell your car at the best prices. Here are the factors that decide the price of a second-hand car. 

Age of the Vehicle 

It is the most basic valuation factor behind all second-hand vehicle valuations. The valuation of a car reduces the moment it’s bought. It goes on to depreciate (age-wise depreciation) with every passing year. So, the lesser the age of the vehicle, the lower will be its depreciation, and the greater will be its value. 

The Distance the Vehicle Is Driven

After the age, it is the second-most important factor in determining the value of a used car. You can quickly tell this by looking at the odometer. It measures the overall distance the vehicle has been driven. A vehicle that has been driven for a considerable distance will have a lower price than a car that has driven only a few kilometers. 

Insurance is Crucial 

Insurance is essential for both buyers and sellers of used cars. So, before deciding to purchase a vehicle, confirm whether it’s insured or not. Typically, the insured care to gain better sales values, and that’s why most get third-party insurance. If the insurance of a vehicle isn’t renewed before it is sold, it will give lesser prices. 

If you are a seller and under-price your vehicle to minimize car insurance premium, you’ll not get the profits you can get in the long run. Similarly, overpricing the car will result in more car insurance premiums, and there’s much likelihood you may not receive a similar claim amount if the car suffers a complete loss. Not only that, but you’ll also have a tough time getting buyers for your overpriced vehicle.

Proper Maintenance and Ownership Frequency 

A car that’s maintained properly will always get more buyers. So, it goes without saying that if you’re looking to sell your car, you must ensure that it’s in proper condition. It should be serviced regularly, and its different parts like the engine oil, gear oil, oil filter, and the like should be changed, so it’s in good condition. The car’s ownership frequency will also determine its valuation. The greater the number of owners the car has had, the lower its valuation will be. 

Accident History

Another critical factor that determines the car’s valuation is its accident history. You must know about any accidents that the vehicle has suffered. For example, suppose there are damages to the body and chassis. In that case, it can tremendously minimize the worth of a second-hand car.

Today you can find used car valuation in Kerala online, where you can be assured of instant payment and the most attractive price. To know about your car’s value, you just have to fill out a simple form on the site. Here, you choose your car model, registration year, car variant, and phone number. That’s it. The easy process will help you determine how much your vehicle can be sold.