How to Fix a Firestick Remote if it’s Not Working?

A firestick remote is a device that helps you to operate your tv from distance. It has voice features as well. Firesticks can sometimes stop working and lose their connection with your tv.

Here is everything you should know about fixing a firestick remote.

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Power Issue

The batteries can be a reason behind if your firestick is not working. The first thing you need to do is to take out the batteries and then put them back in your firestick. This will help to restore the power and the firestick will start working again. Most of the time this method works if it is still not working then try changing the current batteries with the new ones. It may sound simple but the batteries get drained away when you use them, and when they have no more power the remote stops working. So, change the batteries of your remote

Power Cycling

Go to your tv and unplug your tv switches from the circuit, wait for almost 30 seconds and then plug the switches back in. Your fire stick will undergo a series of rebooting and it will appear back on the device. You can also reboot the fire stick by pressing the power button off and wait for a minute and then switch it back on it will reboot and the stick will start working. If it doesn’t then go to the next step.

My Firestick App

Go to the app store or apple store and download “My Firestick App”. After downloading the app, open it and then add in the 4-digit code of your firestick. Connect your app with the Wi-Fi. Once you have connected your app with your fire stick you should be able to operate it on your smartphone. You will be able to swipe through different menus, use the voice option, and anything that you are able to do on your standard fire stick you can do on your smartphone in the app.

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Home Button

If any of the things mentioned are not working try this one. Grab your fire stick remote then press and hold the home button for 10 seconds. Make sure you hold down on it for full 10 seconds otherwise this hack won’t work.  It will help you connect with the tv again. Once you have pressed the home button for almost 10 seconds you will get a notification on your tv that your remote is connected with the tv.

Step Forward To the TV

A fire stick is a device connected by Bluetooth, when you move far away from your tv, your fire stick can get out of range easily. Mostly this happens when you have a large tv lounge. If you try to control the remote from the door you can get 0 results. You should operate the tv remote by staying in the range of its connectivity. If you move out of it, it will for sure lose its connection, and then you will have to reconnect the fire stick with the tv.


When you use your Firestick remote for over months it can cause a couple of more technical issues. Most of the time it is the batteries that are causing the problem, you can simply download the firestick app from the play store for android users and the apple store as well. The app can reduce most of your problems. The techniques mentioned above can help you to resolve the problem of your firestick not working. And your firestick will start working like a new one.

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