How to fix a leaking toilet flush? Causes & Solutions

Over time, the mechanism of a flush wears out and weakens. And of course, your flushing abandons you at the least opportune moment … If the flush of your toilets does not stop flowing, the mechanism will deteriorate much faster, in addition to promoting scaling. We must therefore act quickly. We help you understand why your toilet flush is leaking and how to fix it.

Why is your toilet flushing leaking?

Several elements can be at the origin of a leak at the level of the toilet flush (whether they are suspended or not):

  • The valve is not properly sealed and allows some water to pass through.
  • The toilet float is not working properly.
  • The seal between the bowl and the tank damaged.

Here are the ways on how to fix toilet flush button

Solutions to quickly repair your flush

A leaking toilet flush is more of a problem than a serious one. However, you must act without too much delay, because you are wasting water for nothing and the toilet flushing is less effective. If you are not a handyman, it is not even worth trying, the remedy could be worse than bad!

Call in a professional

Calling a plumber Scarborough is the fastest way to get a working toilet back and at least you can be sure the repair will last!

Make the repairs yourself

You need to have some basic plumbing skills before you start repairs.

First of all, you need to identify the cause of the leak . To do this, lift the flush lid, close the water inlet tap, flush the flush then observe the mechanism and the various elements to see what is wrong. Here is a little reminder of how a flush works:

It will then be necessary either to replace the valve, or to change the flush seal or even to check the adjustment of the float or outright change it if it is pierced.

The float is scaled up

You will simply have to descale the mechanism :

  1. Unscrew the pull tab or the button,
  2. Remove the tank cover,
  3. Unscrew the seal from the water inlet tap,
  4. Apply a descaling product,
  5. Replace the mechanism,
  6. Put the cover back on,
  7. Replace the pull tab or button,
  8. Reactivate the water supply.

The float is out of adjustment

The problem turns out to be less serious than expected:

The adjustment valve integrated : turn the screw until the water level is below the overflow hole,

The regulating valve is rod : move the rod to the desired level.

The valve seals damaged

Get the seal you need from a DIY superstore and complete the following steps:

  • Remove the button,
  • Remove the flushing mechanism,
  • Remove the seal at the end of the mechanism and clean it or replace it depending on its condition,
  • Replace the gasket,
  • Replace the mechanism,
  • Close the cover and reassemble the button.