How to Fix McAfee Blocking Chrome Error

In the present world, where we perform all crucial tasks on Internet, we must also protect ourselves and our systems against the increasing cybercrime. Therefore, choosing antivirus software has become a necessity for data safety.

Talking about the best, McAfee is an international and wide known security software company offering protection to both home and businesses users. 

McAfee offers tons of services such as McAfee LiveSafe, McAfee Total Protection (complete all-in-one safety), McAfee Virus Removal Service, McAfee Mobile Security (for Android, iPhone, iPad), and many others.

However, once you install and try to activate the McAfee antivirus on your device, you might get into some trouble. 

There have been multiple reports by users that McAfee is blocking Google Chrome on some devices. McAfee has stopped allowing users to install Chrome web browsers on their respective devices like desktops, laptops, or smartphones.

If you are also encountering the same issue then it might be due to some update problems. Let’s start repairing it with this post. Here you will learn how to unblock chrome in McAfee easily. But before that, let’s understand why you encounter this problem.

Why Users Face Mcafee Blocking Chrome Error?

Search engines use Google Chrome as a tool to work and access millions of websites worldwide. So, there is a chance that some websites contain malicious or malware content in their posts.

The antivirus is created in a unique way that detects any virus and malware in the websites using its scanner.

The McAfee Google Chrome blocking problem occurs because McAfee stops permitting Google Chrome on the system if it detects any virus through its scanner.

This is a nightmare for users because if they can’t access Google Chrome then they can’t use the browser to make any searches or downloads. Therefore you must know how to unblock chrome in McAfee quickly. Let’s start the troubleshooting part now.

Troubleshooting Techniques To Fix McAfee Blocking Google Chrome

Note: Be sure to install the most recent version of McAfee. Also, check that all McAfee updates are installed.

Getting this problem is surely a headache but you can easily repair it by going to the link and other manual methods. Let’s learn each in-depth.

  • Firstly, exit all programs then access the chrome browser.
  • Thereafter, open “Notifications Panel”.
  • Once done, tap on “McAfee Application” after going to the “Menu”.
  • Select the application then make a right-tap on the same.
  • Hit “Settings” and open the firewall tab.
  • After that, the security window of the McAfee Internet will be open. Here check the software’s all firewall properties.
  • Moving on hit “Internet Connection” then implement the needed changes.
  • However, when you are enabling the chrome software, check that you have disabled the internet Guest option.

After making these changes, exit the window and restart the device for saving the changes. Now access the browser and open to check the established connection.

Using McAfee Console For Fixing Mcafee Blocking Google Chrome Problem

Users can also utilize this method where you will be using the McAfee Security Center software for repairing this issue. Also, the software can unblock Chrome from itself. The instructions are:

  • Tap twice on the icon “McAfee Security Center” to access it.
  • After opening it, hover to the navigation bar then tap on “Navigation” and select “Firewall”.
  • Thereafter tap on “Internet Connection” after which an application list on the window will appear.
  • Moving on, read the list and find “Google Chrome Application”, then choose it.
  • Then tap on  “Edit” and modify the access settings making it full from none.
  • Lastly, tap on “Save” and exit the window to finish off the process.

So you can easily unlock google chrome quickly using the method- McAfee Security Center Software. If you are still unable to locate the Chrome application on the applications list then add it manually. 

  • Simply tap on “Add Application” and browse from the chrome. Then choose it.
  • Now follow the prompted instructions and make the needed changes. 
  • Tap on “Save” for saving all the modifications. 
  • Finally, tap on “Close” for finishing off the process.

After you are successfully done with these steps, open a browser and any website to check the connection. If you are facing this problem on your Android device then alter your browser settings to repair this problem. Or follow the next technique.

Troubleshooting McAfee Blocked Google Chrome Problem on Mobile

Fixing this issue on desktops and laptops is done! Now let’s learn how to unblock chrome in McAfee on Smartphones. The steps are:

  • Firstly, open your settings on the device and then open the apps installed.
  • Then hover to “Manage App Panel”. Find and open the application.
  • Thereafter access “Properties” and change its properties of restricted data usage.
  • Lastly, modify the settings making it to none, and exit the window.

Now open any browser and then a website to check the connection as well as the existence of the problem. You can definitely access chrome from McAfee without any hassle after performing this technique.

Some Last Words

So, that’s all about how to unblock chrome in McAfee with the most effective methods. After going thoroughly through these steps, anyone can easily use Google Chrome again and enjoy the protection of McAfee antivirus