How to gain followers on Instagram and improve your engagement?

Gain followers on Instagram? In this article, we are going to tell you how to gain followers on Instagram, thanks to shootouts. Do you want to know how? Go for it!

What is a Shootout on Instagram?

A shootout is a mention that someone makes of your profile or your brand or business profile, encouraging their followers to visit your profile, which is a perfect way to gain followers on Instagram. is a perfect way to buy Instagram followers

The most common is that they do it by posting a photo of your Instagram profile tagging your account. Another alternative is to post a photo of your product or one of your publications tagging you.

gain followers on Instagram

You only have to locate accounts that share content by making mentions within your sector and comment on the possibility of mentioning each other to benefit both parties.

How to find relevant Instagram accounts that do shootouts and gain followers on Instagram?

Whenever you start looking for these types of accounts, you should think about Instagram accounts in your niche whose audience is related. Getting accounts that are not in your niche to mention you will not be of any benefit to you because although it can help you reach a new audience, it is a segment that may not be interested in your content.

Through the following methods, you can find Instagram accounts of your niche:

-Use specific hashtags of your sector

If you are looking for Instagram accounts in your industry, one of the best ways to find them is to analyze who is using hashtags similar to the ones you use in your posts. Going to the Explore tab of Instagram and looking for a hashtag, you will find a multitude of publications that have used that same hashtag.

In this article, you will be able to see which are the best hashtags on Instagram for 2019.

Next, you should analyze those accounts to see which of them fit within what you are looking for to promote your Instagram profile.

-Look for influencers in your sector using specific tools

This is a quick and easy way to find influencers in your niche. Different tools offer you this option, but we recommend BuzzSumo. You only need to search for keywords in your sector in the search engine and it will show you a list of Instagram accounts that match your search.

Select accounts with several followers similar to yours

If you are looking for free mentions for your Instagram profile, you need to contact those accounts that have a similar number of followers to the one you have. If you have 1000 followers and you ask an account of 100,000 followers to mention you, you may be lucky, but the most normal thing is that he rejects your proposal (unless there is a financial benefit) because it will not bring him any benefit.

Recommendation: before contacting an account to carry out joint shootouts, we suggest that you start by giving Likes in their publications and commenting on them. Remember that it is advisable to first make contact and “get noticed”. This way, when you suggest they reciprocally promote your accounts, they will already know you and it will be much easier for them to accept your invitation.

The next step is to contact these Instagram accounts through direct messages or via email. Don’t directly ask them to mention your account in the first message you send them. First, start a conversation with them and then present your proposal to them.

Another alternative way to get free shootouts is to use branded hashtags so that the brand itself mentions you. For example, the Instagram account of Fujifilm Spain shares in its publications the content published with the hashtag #esFujijilmX, mentioning its followers:

gain followers on Instagram

This allows the user to have a greater reach and attract new followers.

Finally, another way to get shootouts is through Instagram accounts that run shootout contests. Many Instagram accounts and influencers run mention contests in which they ask people to follow their account or a series of instructions to get mentioned.

Typically, these are Instagram accounts that have a considerable number of followers who want to increase their reach. Thus, accounts with few followers participate in these contests organized by accounts with many followers.

In conclusion, Instagram shootouts are an effective and easy way to get more followers for your Instagram account. This option helps you reach a relevant audience in your same niche and grow your Instagram profile in followers, as well as improve the engagement of your account.

And you, now that you know how to get beneficial mentions for your Instagram profile without investing money, tell us if it is something that you have already done or that you will do after reading this post.