How to Get Started with REDX for Real Estate 

Searching for new listing leads in real estate can be stressful. Even if you have a list, you would still have to spend time calling them. However, there is software that could make your work as an agent easy, as they do all these jobs for you. One such software is REDX. REDX is an excellent real estate software that gives agents and teams many tools and benefits. In this article, we’ll discuss the concept of REDX and everything you need to know before getting started with REDX for real estate. 

What is REDX? 

REDX is a software company in the United States that gives real estate agents new leads every day. It gets leads from the internet and sends them through its Vortex platform. REDX provides agents with the tools to find and manage new clients.  

When the company started, it was a service for old leads. But now, its features allow customers to set and track goals and talk to prospects. One of its best-known products is a CRM tool for finding new clients. 

Their services are affordable, and they update their lists regularly. You can find more information through the REDX reviews. 

Who is REDX Good For? 

REDX is suitable for agents who want to supplement their exclusive listings. The reason is that some brokerages don’t give their agents their listings. Agents who want to start representing sellers can use REDX’s FSBO (For Sale By Owner) lead subscription to find homes.  

It is also suitable for agents with a lot of experience pitching for business over the phone. On most lead sources, REDX provides the prospective client’s contacts. As a result, agents must call to take advantage of them. 

Lastly, independent agents who don’t want to expand their team can use REDX. Its free lead management tool provides lead subscriptions. But it doesn’t give many people access to the leads. So, an independent agent will have no problem using it. 

REDX Pricing 

Agents can build their subscription by selecting one of five distinct lead sources, each with its monthly fee. Below is the list of REDX pricing. 

  • Expired Sellers: $59.99 monthly 
  • Geoleads: $49.99 monthly 
  • FSBO (For Sale By Owner): $39.99 monthly 
  • FRBO (For Rent By Owner): $79.99 monthly 
  • Pre-foreclosure: $39.99 monthly 

REDX Leads 

You can choose from various traffic sources with REDX. They ensure that these are high-quality leads, with confirmed phone numbers against relisted houses and the Do Not Call list. Read on to discover more about these leads. 

If a home was on the market but didn’t sell before its end date, it’s called an “expired listing.” The REDX sends you newly expired listings as homes get off the market. Besides, you’ll also get information on past expired listings. This will help you save time from calling wrong numbers because REDX will only show you the most qualified homeowners.  

  • Geoleads 

Geoleads help agents build some connections to become the top real estate agent. They do this by helping agents get contact information in the region. They start by picking a prospecting region, starting with a recently sold property, and developing those contacts.  

  • FSBOs 

FSBO means For Sale By Owner. REDX puts together a database of active FSBO listings from various sources. With many FSBO listings at your fingertips, you can quickly contact sellers who haven’t been able to sell their homes and offer to help them. 

FSBO requires lots of practice, so REDX includes scripts and role-playing situations. This will make you feel comfortable when making your sales calls. 

  • Pre-Foreclosures 

REDX makes it easier to find leads for pre-foreclosure sales in your area. They do this by gathering a database of hard-to-find contact information from court tax records. 

This is another type of lead generation that few real estate agents use. So, there’s a chance to jump in and help a seller. 

  • FRBOs 

The FRBO database lets you see a list of landlords and investors who haven’t been able to rent empty homes. As landlords and investors in your area buy and sell homes, you’ll have a steady source of leads. To get leads, you can use FRBOs. They aren’t as well-known as real estate agents so they can be a good source of information for you. 

REDX StormDialer 

Another excellent tool is the Storm Dialer, a single dialer system. Though you will pay another $99.99 monthly subscription, it makes your phone calls easier. This power dialer will automatically dial leads from the Vortex lead platform. Thus, saving you time from having to punch in numbers for each lead. This can help you generate more leads in less time by speeding up your real estate cold calling process. 

REDX Best Features 

It has a simple interface that is easy to use. You’ll quickly learn to update and track contacts, make notes and install your scripts. 

It also has a free tool that makes it easy to keep track of your leads. This tool is very easy to learn and use and lets you group and manage your lists and set up workflows. 


REDX is one of the best tools for making leads. It has a simple lead management system that helps agents find new listings. REDX ability to get new leads every day and organize your data into a single database with a multi-line dialer option has made it the majority’s choice in the real estate business.