How to Improve Time Management and Reduce Stress at Work

We live in unpredictable and stressful times where everyday issues may make our anxiety levels go through the roof. The year 2020 was challenging bringing constant fear and insecurity in our lives, accompanied by changed living and work conditions people needed to adjust to quickly.

Now that the Covid-19 pandemic seems to be under control, employees need to face and overcome various work-related challenges daily. 

If you’re running remote teams, you know that this work model offers undisputable benefits like flexibility and a level of autonomy to employees. On the other hand, remote workers need to tackle numerous issues that may affect their productivity in the long run. One of the negative sides of remote work may be poor time management. 

Employees may tend to procrastinate when working from home, finding it hard to resist numerous distractions lurking from every corner. Also, they may fail to organize their workload to make the most of their working hours. 

For all these reasons, we’ll show you how advanced digital time tracking tools can improve your employees’ time management and help them become more productive. If you want to find out how employee monitoring and time tracking solutions can boost your team performance, click here.

They Can Organise Their Workflow Better

Employee monitoring software can work to employees’ advantage provided you use it transparently. When you allow employees access to their dashboards, they’ll be able to see how their productivity fluctuates during the day. They can use this valuable insight to organize their day better and finish assignments within set deadlines.

For example, if employees see they’re more productive in the morning than after lunch, they may tackle demanding tasks that require full focus first, leaving simple, less time-consuming tasks for later. 

In this way, employees may feel less stressed about getting the job done and more satisfied with their achievements. Furthermore, many of them will feel more confident about their time-management skills, and the fact that they can tackle significant chunks of work independently, without managers hovering over their heads.

You Can Reduce Stress By Setting Achievable Goals

Let’s face facts. Employees feel stressed and overwhelmed when they deal with unclear goals or huge tasks when they don’t know where to start from, or what they are responsible for.

Successful leaders will do their best to prevent this from happening by setting clear, attainable goals, focusing on expectations and responsibilities. 

Quality project and time tracking apps may come in handy here, offering you insight into time spent on various tasks and projects. In this way, you’ll see when your employees are efficient and what tasks they may struggle with. 

Then you can use this information to set achievable goals, breaking large projects into smaller assignments, delegating the right tasks to the right people. 

This way, you’ll create a stress-free work environment where everybody will do their best to reach set goals.

You Can Avoid Micromanagement

There’s nothing more stressful at work than managers following your every step. Even though many employees think this is why their bosses want to implement employee monitoring into their workflow, the truth is that a time tracker can reduce the need for micromanaging your team.

Namely, by being able to see how each of your projects is coming along, and who is doing what, you won’t need to check on your employees’ progress every now and then, interfering with their workflow, making them stress about their performance.

By letting your employees manage their time spent on different tasks, offering support and guidance when needed, you’ll show them that you believe that they will do their best to finish projects within set deadlines. This way, you’ll build interpersonal relationships based on trust that may do wonders for your business in the long run.

Final Words

Work-related stress is one of the top employee motivation and engagement killers. Nowadays, when people experience various stressful situations daily, you need to create a stress-free work environment where employees can fulfill their potential. 

By using productivity and time trackers, you can improve their time management, making them more confident in their skills and ready to reach set goals.