How to Install Engineered Wood Flooring? All Methods and Complete Guide

Engineered wood flooring is one of the most attractive flooring options you can install in your place. This flooring is beneficial for both residential and commercial areas. The installation method of this beautiful flooring is very easy and you can install it on your own. The installation of engineered wood flooring depends on the type of flooring that you choose for your floors.

Although the method of installation varies according to the type of flooring, the instruments for the installation are always the same. If you want to install elegant engineered wood flooring at your place and want to know everything about the installation method, then this blog is very interesting to you.

Today, we are going to discuss all the methods and techniques that you can use during the installation of your engineered wood flooring. So, continue reading this article, and we will hope you can find the things you are looking for.

Things That You Need For The Installation Of Your Wood Flooring

There are many things and tools that you will need while you are installing the wood flooring at your place. Some of the most commonly used and notable things that you must need are:

  • Pencil
  • PVA Glue (Floating Installation only)
  • Flexible Wood Glue (Glue down installation only)
  • Flooring Nailer with Nails (Nail Installation only)
  • Underlay (Floating installation only)
  • Measuring tape
  • Hand Saw
  • Wood blocks
  • Drill
  • Chalk line

Some Tips That You Must Know Before Starting The Project

Here are some main points that you need to know before installing the flooring so you can properly take care of your expensive wood flooring. 

  • Your project must take 2 to 3 days to complete, so wind up all your tasks and homework before starting the project.
  • Give 30 hours to your flooring after its installation process to set completely.
  • When the installation of flooring is done, check all the boards to see if they are placed perfectly or if they have any defective parts.
  • For your safety, use gloves because when you are applying glue to the flooring, there are many chances that it will stick on your hands and that can be dangerous, so please wear gloves during the process.
  • Wear safety goggles over your eyes to prevent any injury to them.

Steps For The Installation Of Engineered Wood Flooring

How To Cut Engineered Wood?

This is one of the most important steps that you need to learn, like pros. So the look of your floor won’t be ruined because of the unprofessional cutting of engineered wood. You just need to choose the right tools and techniques for this method, and your work will be done in no time. Follow some necessary steps;

  1. Take the measurement of the floor concisely, so you won’t cut small or large wood pieces for the specific area.
  2. When you measure the place, now it’s time to use a pencil or chalk to make a point of wood from where you have to cut it. 
  3. For the cutting of the wooden plank, please use a miter saw, a circular saw, or a hand saw according to the situation, and perfectly cut the wood.

Note: Please wear a mask while cutting the wood because it creates dust and you can get allergies from it.

Use Floating Floor Installation Method For The Installation

The floating floor installation method is one of the latest methods for fixing wooden flooring. In this method, we just need to fix the tongue of one plank into the groove of another plank and lock them completely. This is one of the very easy methods that you can easily follow.

It requires very low professional skills, so you can definitely do it on your own. This method doesn’t need tools and is very comfortable to do. Leave a gap between the walls and the planks and then place the wood.

Start your work from right to left in your room. This will help you follow this method. Use glue to interlock the tongues and the grooves of the wooden plank in the first row. Always clean the unnecessary glue from the boards so it does not ruin the look of your floor.

Now use the staging method for the installation of the further planks. Staging will create random patterns on the floor from your flooring, making it more beautiful and durable.

Glue Down Installation Method For Wooden Planks

This method of installation is especially used in business areas because they have very high traffic. This is the best idea for flooring installation if you want to attach the flooring to your floor completely. It does not allow your flooring to move half an inch from its place after the installation.

This is a more durable method and gives strength to your flooring. For this method, you need to install the subfloor and then spread the glue over it. Pour the glue carefully into the corner of the floor and then onto the subfloor. Spread the rich amount of glue by using a towel on the subfloor for about 2 to 3 planks.

Start working from left to right and then fix the tongue and grooves in each other. When you are done with row 1, start staging from the second row to make your flooring installation more and more durable. After installation, use a rubber mallet for tapping the flooring to make sure that it is perfectly installed.

Nail Down Installation Method For Wooden Flooring

If you are comfortable with the use of a nail gun, then this method is perfect for you. If you are an expert at using the nail gun, then you can perform this heavy-duty installation method on your flooring on your own. For the installation of flooring by this method, drill the nail holes first to prevent any loss of your planks.

After drilling the holes, you can place the nails in them and fix your flooring. You must leave a 14-inch space between the room’s corners. If during installation you face any problem with the space, you can adjust the planks easily by using this space.

One thing that you need to be careful about is the force that you apply to the hammer while nailing the engineered wood. You don’t need to use too much force that can break your plank. Use moderate force so your wooden planks remain safe.

Staple Down Method For Installation Of Flooring

If you don’t want to use the nail-down method for the installation of your flooring pure, then you can also use the staple-down method. There are just minor differences between these two methods, but both require a plywood subfloor for the installation.

As in all methods, create a gap between the walls and planks in this method as well. Placement of the first row is very important in this method, so place the row in such a way that the tongue of the plank is towards the center of the room. Start nailing the wooden planks to the floor.

When you are placing the rows of the engineered wood flooring, install staples at every 45-degree angle from the tongue of the plank. Continue with your princess until you complete the room.

Is Float Flooring Installation Better Than Glue Down Installation Method?

The installation method for flooring depends on your area’s requirements. If you are going to install engineered wood in a residential area, then you can use a floating flooring installation method for it.

If you need to use your flooring in a commercial area, then you must use the glue-down method to bear the high traffic in your area. The glue-down method is more durable and protective against high traffic. It is long-lasting as compared to the float flooring method.

How Many Years Can You Use Your Engineered Wood Flooring?

You can use your engineered wood flooring for many years, depending upon the thickness of the plank. The average lifespan of wood flooring is about 25 to 80 years. If your plank is thicker, then it can last for 50 to 80 years. If the plank is thicker, then it will last for 20 to 40 years. 

What Are The Pros Of Installing Engineered Wood Flooring?

You can get many benefits from engineered wood flooring. It is very cost-effective and cheap as compared to solid wood flooring in every way, from labor to the material. It is made from composite core layers, which make it highly resistant to environmental changes.

It is highly resistant to moisture, so you can easily use it in bathrooms and kitchens. The maintenance of this flooring is very easy as compared to other wood floorings.


Now you know how to install engineered wood flooring without hiring professionals. You can easily select any method of flooring installation that is more workable for you and then fix your flooring on your own. Best of luck with your flooring installation with our tips and methods.