How To Lose Weight With Treadmills

Workout enthusiasts engage in activities with different goals. Some are motivated to build lean muscle and remain fit, while others are looking for an avenue to lose weight. The weight loss industry’s size is expected to reach USD 274030 million by 2028 at a CAGR of 6.9%. This means that more and more people are looking for ways to lose weight than ever before. The COVID-19 pandemic escalated the need for weight loss and the purchase of treadmills greatly increased. As people remained indoors with little exercise outdoors, obesity became a serious health risk. Therefore, with restrictions on travel and outdoor activities, the choice of an indoor workout was best preferred. 

Treadmills are among the most commonly used indoor workout tools for weight loss. The market for home fitness equipment was rated at $11.16 billion in 2018 and is set to reach $23.27 billion by 2025. Therefore, many workout enthusiasts are most attracted to equipment that helps them lose weight and develop athletic body postures

There are proven scientific theories on how treadmills can help you lose weight. We will highlight some of these ways that you will lose weight using treadmills without hassle. 

1.   Target heart rate and fat burning zone. 

Everyone who wishes to lose weight using treadmills, they need to understand the principle behind weight loss with treadmills. The baseline condition for you to lose weight on treadmills is through running. Therefore, it is running that heightens the heart rate and maintains it within the fat-burning zone. The target heart rate considered essential in weight loss through running is 60-90% of the maximum heart rate of the runner. Besides, the heart burning zone is considered to be 75–90% of the target heart rate. Therefore, treadmills will help you run and manage the exercise while maintaining the heart rate within the fat-burning zone that results in weight loss. 

2.   Monitored heart rate 

Unlike running outdoors, treadmills help you maintain a pace and monitor your heart rate. As mentioned above, monitoring your heart rate during running is the only way you can be sure whether you are likely to lose weight or not. Therefore, you can easily fix a heart rate monitor on your chest as you run, which can help you know how you are faring with the gimmicks of weight loss. Treadmills keep the pace constant and, therefore, you can be sure that you are not fluctuating in the effort of maintaining the heart rate and burning calories. 

3.   High-intensity interval training 

High-intensity interval training is a scheme that enables treadmill users to burn calories and result in weight loss. Treadmills help you manage fast workouts that speed your heart rate and allow you to rest in between. The strategy is what is popularly known as high-intensity interval training. A study in 2017 confirmed that this strategy makes people lose weight a bit faster than through contemporary activities.

4.   A variety of workouts 

One thing that best differentiates treadmills from the conventional way of running over the plains is the variety of workouts that you can do with the equipment. You can actually switch between different workout strategies with the same equipment. This breaks the boredom and motivates users to maintain the working routine. Therefore, the trainers can help reduce injuries, break boredom and give the users something new to look up to every time they train with the treadmills. 

5.   Challenging workouts 

Your body needs a more challenging workout tusk as it gets used to the normal routine strategies to build resilience. Therefore, treadmills give you an avenue to try challenging workouts with the equipment to build your body’s resilience. You stand to benefit more from losing your extra weight with treadmills than with conventional running methods.