How to make your Instagram beautiful

We will tell you about simple rules and applications that how to make your Instagram beautiful visually attractive, using the example of the Huawei AppGallery app store.


The Instagram feed is primarily an expression of your personality, your visual voice. Therefore, the first thing you should think about when going to “cheer up” how to make your Instagram beautiful are topics that are close to you. Think of yourself as a brand – your strengths (what do you know as an expert?) And weaknesses (you don’t have to be afraid to talk about them, they often evoke a lively response). About his background – life experience, from which a beautiful legend can be formed. Create your own tone of voice that you will use to communicate with followers. And be sure to share the inspiration and dreams that you strive for – this will not only discipline you, but also bring acquaintance with like-minded people.

Think of your Instagram feed as a multi-part series where the main character (you) lives in her own special rhythm and space. Following the classics of drama, the main character must develop – go towards his goal, encountering obstacles on the way, overcoming them, achieving the desired and changing internally. Apply this formula to yourself, and how to make your Instagram beautiful will immediately become alive, “in the moment”, and people will want to know what will happen next.

Recommended app: CutCut

It will help you in cases when you want to cut out some object or part of the photo and transfer it to another photo or background. Artificial intelligence will help you – the AI ​​Auto Selection tool, and all this can be done easily with finger movements. The app has great templates with motivational phrases that you can overlay over your photos. Plus, there are many stickers – they’ll also enhance the message of your photos.


One of the most popular styles of how to make your Instagram beautiful in the past few years is minimalism. Its condition is restrained colors, purity in the frame (as a rule, a monochrome background, a minimum of objects), a strict play of light and shadow, geometry. Learning to shoot like this is a skill that can be trained. Make sure that nothing unnecessary gets into the frame (if shooting outdoors or indoors, where there is a lot of everything). And create minimalistic sets – from improvised backgrounds, objects, paying attention to how the light falls on them.

The second style that has become especially relevant during the pandemic is naturalness. People are not afraid to show life as it is – sincerity and honesty evoke empathy. In this case, you can safely experiment when photographing and taking pictures – do not try to take learned poses, shoot in motion, out of focus, with a flash on the forehead, and so on – all photographic techniques are good.

The retro style on Instagram is how to make your Instagram beautiful at all a gaudy feed from Odontoclastic, but photos as if taken with a film camera, with grain or in muted pleasant colors. From references, photos from the 90s will come in handy.

If you are good at drawing, graphics, design – think about how these skills of yours can color your blog. You can make collages, draw doodles and draw graphic silhouettes over photos, glue emoji on photos – in general, have fun as you like. Such a tape will definitely pay attention.


But what if you like bright, saturated colors, color contrasts? Well, on this chip you can also build your own unique ribbon. But here you need extremely high-quality photo content and a sense of proportion (yes, we are talking about filters as well). Otherwise, everything runs the risk of turning into a motley ribbon, from which your eyes hurt.

Recommended app: VIMAGE


And here we move on to the next important point – the color scheme in which you will keep your Instagram blog. If you observe the “monotony” in this matter, the profile will be more pleasant to look at and each post will be better identified in the feed. What colors and their combinations seem pleasing to the eye? Browse through different Instagram accounts whose profiles you like and save their screenshots. And then try to pick up your photos in the same range or similar processing.

Nowadays, you can often find such scales: pink-purple, brown-green, yellow-orange, white-gray or bright white, black and white or gray with bright flashes of color, in dark colors like in films of the noir genre. Powdery pastel scales, as if faded from time to time, look delicate and tender. Get inspired by what are called earthy tones – soft hues found in nature. From the bright colors of citrus fruits this year – yuzu, tangerine, lime, orange – you can use them as accents on parts of the photos.

When you decide on the filters, stop at a maximum of 2-4 to process different types and formats of photos. This will reduce the time you will spend on photo processing. Plus the filters should complement each other. Play with grain, blue cold or yellow warm shadows, black and white filters of varying degrees of contrast (maximum white, maximum black, gray low contrast).

Recommended App: Photo Studio


There are tons of options here. First, decide on the frames – whether your posts will be with standard square, horizontal or vertical photos. Or do you want to add white borders on the sides or top and bottom. This technique is used by many photographers who present Instagram as their portfolio. Just keep in mind that in this case the pictures will be smaller, and the details on them will not always be easy to see. You can also decorate your photos as if they were “warm lamp” film.

Secondly, you can choose one of the ribbon patterns: place photos on the same topic diagonally, alternate images with text blocks like a mosaic (color also plays a role here). Line up horizontal or vertical lines with similar photos. Publish photos in the same gamut from a lighter shade to a more saturated one, creating a color gradient. You can split a photo into pieces and publish it like a puzzle – but keep in mind, this technique is good when you are telling some kind of visual story.

Thirdly, alternate photos of different sizes. Portrait, medium plan, general plan, subject. You can insert text affirmations on a solid background that matches your color scheme. Don’t forget about bonus content – publish carousels with different photo options or details that will help you better see, for example, your image. Try creating photo stories about one topic, like photographers do, and publish them in a carousel.

Recommended App: A + Gallery


Consider posting more than just photos. Practice shooting short videos – including semi-static ones, in which there is a stationary object or person around which there is movement. The simplest example is beautiful swaying leaves or flowers in the wind. You can publish dance or other challenges from Tik Tok – people watch such videos with interest. You can practice and come up with collages-memes – a beautiful or funny picture and text on top. Or, as we said above, create pictures with a short quote or a beautiful phrase and add them to the Instagram feed for how to make your Instagram beautiful. You can make a collage on an old-school computer theme – with pop-up icons of older versions of Windows, for example. Or, using the Pantone Studio application, identify the color scheme of your photo, and so, with a color swatch, and publish it.

Recommended app: Vinci

Do you love art? With this app, you can unleash your inner artist without any limits. A neural network and artificial intelligence will turn your photos into masterpieces of art – you just need to choose a style and the application will itself turn the photo into a painting. You can play with it endlessly.

ORDERING THE APP ON THE SMARTPHONE for how to make your Instagram beautiful

For convenience, collect all applications for photo processing, video editing, overlaying text and graphic elements, planning a feed on one of the screens of your smartphone. So that you don’t scroll through and search for the necessary icons every time you need to start preparing for the publication of your photos and videos. 

All applications described above were downloaded from Huawei AppGallery  , a mobile app store that ranks in the TOP 3 most popular app stores in the world. In Ukraine, 745,000 people already use it. It is convenient, safe and fast to download the necessary “app” through Huawei AppGallery, new users of the store can get gifts – for example, free access to cool subscriptions, bonuses in games. The store also holds promotions and sweepstakes for its users from time to time. 

It is convenient that you can search for applications not only in the standard way through the search bar, but also view those recommended by experts, or the most popular this month. Plus exclusive local applications (there are already 430 Ukrainian applications in Huawei AppGallery!), Which exist only for AppGallery users. If you still lack something, you can add the “app” to the special wish list and check the box next to “automatically download the application when it appears in the AppGallery”. The smartphone will monitor and remember this information for you!

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