How to Merge Several PDFs Into a Single File on iOS


Users may often have to combine PDFs into one file to save on disk space, to make it easier to send, or to better organize their files. Some third-party apps and programs allow users to merge, split and organize several PDF files, images and documents. These programs are compatible with different operating systems whether they are Windows or macOS. Many of these apps are also available for download to smartphones running either Android or iOS. This article will detail the steps users to need to take to merge  PDFs on the iOS operating system. 

How do I combine PDF images on iPhone?

Combining images on an iPhone requires a user to download a PDF editing tool from the app store. There are several available in the store, but users can choose to download the free PDF editor app or choose from other programs like PDF Expert or any other third-party program. Unlike the macOS, iOS devices do not come loaded with a specific PDF editing tool like Preview. 

PDF Element is another popular tool for excel to pdf conversion, capture, and editing. Whether using PDF Expert or PDFElement to combine their files, users need to first: 

  1. Free pdf to word converter 
  2. Open the PDF program on their app 
  3. Press the Edit icon located on the app’s interface 
  4. Locate and choose the files you want to merge 
  5. Press Merge on the bottom to combine all the selected files 

Users can repeat the process as many times as they wish. Some apps may offer the combined feature of converting and merging images at the same time using the same tool. But, generally, the conversion and merging features are two separate processes. 

How do you combine PDF files on iPhone?

Combining PDF files is simple with any PDF editing tool loaded onto an iOS device. There are several PDF editing tools available from the App Store and users should choose one based on the variety of different tools the program provides. The process of combining or merging several different PDF files on an iPhone mirrors closely to those that a user would follow on any other device, like: 

  1. Open the PDF editing tool 
  2. Select the Merge or Combine feature 
  3. Locate and select the files to be merged 
  4. Press the Merge button to complete the process 

Users might have to choose a destination for their new file before merging, but it is more likely that the new file will appear on the background of the phone’s main screen. Users can also repeat the process as many times as they like. 

How to Choose the Best PDF Tool for This Purpose

Users can choose from several third-party apps that can combine PDFs and perform other important PDF editing functions. Many of these third-party apps also offer such features as conversion, compression, scanning of documents, and syncing with cloud-based platforms. The two apps already mentioned – PDF Expert and PDFElement – are very useful for users’ everyday PDF needs. 

Users can also choose to download more versatile and all-encompassing programs that are available for smartphones and other devices like desktops or laptops. Users can opt for a program like Adobe Acrobat with its wealth of highly-customizable features. Users can also choose a program like Lumin PDF that is available for all devices, Android and iOS, and lets users edit, view, compress, convert and merge their PDF files through a user-friendly interface.