How to Play Escape From Tarkov With Best Friends

Even if you’re playing Escape from Tarkov on your own, you’ll have a great time. Playing with friends can be extremely beneficial with the game’s extreme challenges. They not only add to the effort but they also enhance the enjoyment of the game.

In addition, we recommend a few cheats for Escape from Tarkov to help you improve your chances of winning. As a result, we’ve written this article to show you how to invite your friends to join you in playing escape from Tarkov.

Playing with Friends

● Creating your friend-base

You must do two acts before playing Escape from Tarkov with friends. First, in order to do this, you first need to find out their game usernames. After that, you’ll be taken to the game’s main menu. It is located at the bottom right of the main menu screen.

After opening the messenger, click the Friends button. To the right of the message window’s title bar, you’ll find the Friends button. The search bar labeled “enter player nickname” can be found on this screen. In order to add a friend, type the username of your friend into the search bar.

After completing the above steps, your friend will receive a friend request from you. The game can begin as soon as your friend accepts your invitation.

● Accepting Friends

How do I accept the invitations that my friends have sent me? To play with a best friend, you must first accept a friend request from that person. To begin, you’ll need to contact the friend(s) whose requests you’d like to accept and obtain their username.

Afterward, go to the main menu’s bottom right corner and click on the Messenger option. Then, click on the “friends” button in the upper right corner of the screen. You can see a list of your friends, friend requests you’ve sent, and friend requests that are still pending in the friends’ menu.

Accept your friends’ invitations by clicking on their usernames. You’ll be able to see everyone on your friends’ list after you accept the requests. Select the best friends you want to play with and then press the start button to begin the game. ‘ It’s prime to keep in mind that the people you invite to play must first be online.

● Proceeding into The game with your Squad

You don’t just have to have friends on your friend list to play the game with them. To win the game, you must form a team and work together. Select the map, time phase, PMC, and loadout before starting the game. You and your friends should both choose the same map and time phase option.

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Your friends will appear in the lobby when you open the Prepare for Escape menu if you all follow the above instructions. Then, invite them to a group by right-clicking their usernames and selecting Invite to group on the Prepare for action screen.

When you select the Invite to group option, they will be invited to join your group. By clicking on Ready, you and your teammates will be able to begin the game together. You and your companions will all begin the game in the same or a nearby location.

Remember that the person who sent out the invitations is automatically made the team’s leader in the game. It’s also not possible to play with friends offline in Escape from Tarkov.

Things to note about your Squad

Several considerations should be made when playing Escape from Tarkov with friends, let us take them into account.


In addition to allowing your team to play in unison, effective communication is beneficial in a number of other ways. For example, loot, an enemy in the area, or your current location may necessitate informing a teammate. Also, keep in mind that there is not at allway to tell a friend from a foe in the game. If you communicate effectively, you can avoid being accidentally killed by a teammate or yourself killing a fellow team member.

● Know your Squadmates

Knowing your fellow players in Escape from Tarkov is critical, and I’ll explain why. It’s not uncommon to get a friend request from a player you just killed online. You have no way of knowing why they sent the request, so trust your instincts.

They want to join your team for one of two reasons: either they admire the way you play, or they want to take advantage of your weaknesses. For example, it’s possible to be killed in the game by a fellow teammate who wants to steal your loot, so be on guard!

● PMCs and Scavs

You and your friends can take on the roles of Scavs or PMCs in Escape from Tarkov. Also, if you are a PMC, you are allowed to form a team of no more than five players. Scavs, on the other hand, restricts you to a squad of just four players. It doesn’t matter how many friends you have on your list; you’ll have to pick one to play with at some point.


Your chances of surviving in the beautiful and dangerous land of Tarkov are greatly enhanced by working together as a team. But it also gives you a finer chance of winning because you’ve already had a taste of success. Some newbies may find the task of forming a team a breeze, but others may struggle. To that end, we hope the article above will serve as a comprehensive guide for putting together the team you’ve always wanted.