How to properly use a camera with flip screen?

Cameras with flip screens are usually used in different shooting modes. They don’t have a standard mode in which they should be used. However, there are tips on how to use the vlogging camera with flip screen properly in order to see the best results. Follow these tips below to know more about this topic:

First of all, when using your camera with flip screen, you should always pay attention not to place your fingers over the lens. This is because it can obstruct your camera’s view and its autofocus might get affected as well.

Besides this, when holding up your vlogging camera with flip screen in order to record video, make sure you hold it at the same level as your eyes. Many people make a mistake of holding it at a lower level, which is not recommended as the screen gets flipped up and you will lose your vlogging camera’s view.

In addition to this, if you are using a manual mode with auto focus on, then follow these steps : first turn off the autofocus mode. Secondly, adjust your lens manually towards infinity and thirdly, check whether the image on the flip out is being flipped out correctly or not – there should be no black corners in it or else it may result in having unclear images.

Furthermore, many cameras have a diopter adjustment feature for those who wear eyeglasses . This function is mainly used when recording outside as sunlight might affect the sharpness of the picture.

When doing vlogging with your camera, never use auto-focus as it is not recommended! You should focus manually . The flip out screen helps in focusing on different things very easily. Furthermore, this method also works better when you are trying to shoot a video at night time or indoors because autofocus does not work properly under low light conditions.

Now you know how to use the camera with flip screen properly and what types of problems may occur while using it…

Is it Good to Use a Vlogging Camera with Flip Screen?

The answer to this question is yes, it is definitely good to use a vlogging camera with flip screen. As shown above, it has many benefits that you will get while using it. Using this alternative provides better focus on subjects and easy recording of videos at any time.

The only thing you should remember is not to place your fingers over the lens if you want clear images or else record videos like shaky cam mode. You can also make use of camera’s diopters for focusing by adjusting the lens towards infinity . Other than these tips, there are no major drawbacks in using vlogging cameras with flip out screens.

Warning: Using cameras with flip screens without learning how to operate them can cause serious damage to your camera’s flipping mechanism. Consult an expert before using one for professional purposes!


As you have read above, a vlogging camera with flip out screen or vlogging camera with flip screen is a beneficial choice as it can be used in different modes and allows the user to take better images.

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