How To Protect Your Home From Extreme Temperatures

A pair of glass panes are linked together through a spacer and divided by a margin ranging between 6mm and 20mm in dual glazed doors and windows.

To offer further insulation, the space is sealed up and pumped with argon. To speed things up, tempered or low-E windows must be used in double glazed doors and windows. 

The disparity between double glazed window services and standard windows is the spacing between divided panels. The true distinction, however, is found in the distinct advantages of double glazing.

What is the process of double glazing?

Double glazing operates by establishing an air pocket that prevents heat movement among different temperature areas.

A spacing bar separates two panels of windows coated in an IGU.

The spacing between both the shards (often 6-12mm) generates an air space that inhibits thermal transmission (warm or cold) through conduction — it does not ‘trap heat,’ instead inhibits heat flow to less energy loss.

Since air cannot move via the tight gap between the panels, turbulence is hindered, which lowers heat transmission. Double glazing lowers heat transfer and functions as a shield against the frost, but it does not exclude the sun’s heat, which is termed solar heat gain.


Over the previous few years, energy prices in Australia have risen by more than 50%. Despite central air conditioning units and heaters using half of the power consumed in buildings and homes, staying relatively warm in winter is more expensive than ever.

Australians have the highest energy rates in the world, paying up to three times as much as American consumers.

The excellent thing is that the most suitable technique to render a dwelling more resourceful is to add double-glazed doors and windows.

Because double glazing is such a powerful barrier, this could help you lessen your reliance on artificial temperature management. When opposed to standard windows, such an element can save your energy expenses by over 20% while also conserving natural resources.

Is it true that double glazing reduces noise?

When compared to a single pane, double-paned windows could minimise outside disturbance from people, pets, trucks, aircraft, locomotives, and other factors by approximately 60%.

According to the WHO, continuous noise levels can lead to increased stress, fatigue, and memory problems, as well as medical issues like coronary heart disease.

Because of the space between the window panes, double-glazed items collect more vibrations than normal single-glazed objects. The use of soundproof glass improves the efficiency of double panes.

Appropriate for both hot and cold environments,

In cooler climates such as Tasmania and Hobart, double glazed window services are common.

Despite this, most individuals are unaware that these are an extremely energy-efficient option for every Australian temperature.

Although certain energy-efficient materials could only unsatisfactorily minimise temperature fluctuations, double glass is not one of them.

Its distinctive insulating capabilities make the place cool in milder months and milder during winters by preventing the passage of cold or hot air between the two panels. This mostly makes the home more pleasant all year and also reduces the need for conventional temperature changes.

Enjoy all-year comfort.

Doors and glass panels play an important part in the energy conservation of your property.

Doors and windows are believed to be responsible for approximately half of all energy loss during the wintertime and approximately 90% of solar gain during the summertime.

Double glazed window services shield against temperature extremes three to four times better than doors and windows.

The area between the two layers of glass serves as a heat screen between the house and the outside world. It keeps cool or warm airflow from leaving, keeping your temperature stable and protecting you from the consequences of climate variability.